Hermit Crabs Upgrade to Metropolis Shells

1 AKI INOMATA hermit Crabs

Did you ever have hermit crabs for pets as a kid? It would be so fun picking out new shells and hoping they’d upgrade to the one you Bedazzled or painted. Japanese artist Aki Inomata is also fascinated with hermit crab shell promotion, but her offerings are not the typical heart and star painted ones- she creates famous translucent cityscapes atop the shells that she also sculpts. She titled the project, “Why not hand over a shelter to hermit crabs?” To ensure inhabitation of her creations, Inomata imaged the insides of typical hermit shells with a CT scanner and modeled the base of her sculptures after the results. With Inomata’s mobile homes the hermit crabs can choose which city to inhabit- and they don’t even have to worry about rent or cost of living!

A Rainbow of Tiny Translucent Creatures

Japanese artist Iori Tomita turns these little creatures of the sea into bright translucent pieces of art. He calls his process “New World Transparent Specimens” and the intensive process can take up to 5 months for a complete piece. It gives us an interesting, albiet unusual look inside these aquatic creatures.