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Visual Bits #293 > Build It And They Will…Jump!

Thursday 10.18.2012 , Posted by

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Babies, Monks and Trampoline Pits

Thursday 02.02.2012 , Posted by

In the beginning of the 1960′s a new fad began to emerge in the suburbs of America. Much like it’s 50′s predecessor, hula hooping, it came and went in the night leaving those who participated with just a vague memory of its occurrence. What is this elusive fad? Trampoline Pits. Around 1960, parks full of trampoline pits began popping up all over the county. These parks were contracted in abandoned lots and full of pits with trampolines fitted across the tops. Those wanting to play on the trampolines could pay a quarter or two for a half hour of bouncing bliss. Kids would line up after school for their chance at the action and some parents would even take their kids there for parties. [Read more...]