A Family That Time Forgot: Traditional Kentucky Living

Life in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky has changed a lot in the past 100 years. What was once a vibrant culture, filled with traditional ways of living, methods of supporting yourself and a reliance on community, is quickly disappearing, if not gone all together. In the early 1980’s, photographer Shelby Lee Adams stumbled upon a forested ‘holler’ called Beehive, the home of the Napier family. Their way of living stunned him. Chickens ran through the yard, hound dogs came running, small cobbled together homes had ceder smoke wafting out of their chimneys… with just one small line for electricity, it was truly like stepping back in time.

Make a Wish on an Welsh Money Tree

An old tradition from Great Britain has been rediscovered after a curious incident recently covered by the BBC. Staff at the Italian Riviera inspired Welsh village of Portmeirion where baffled after a tree was cut down and soon started filling up with coins hammered into its trunk. “We had no idea why it was being done when we first noticed the tree trunk was being filled with coins,” said Meurig Jones, the Estate manager. After some detective work, however, he found that trees have sometimes been used around Britain as “wishing trees.”

A Flashy Year of Snapshots Around The World

On any given day, could you say where the most photographs where being snapped around the world? It would be hard to say, except with this new visualization. Using data from around the web, including a healthy dose of imagery from flickr, Triposo has put together a world map that literally flickers with photographic activity. Different countries light up according to their most significant holidays, events and seasons.