LEGO Brick “Sketches” of Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

1 Chris McVeigh

A self-declared “professional geek”, Chris McVeigh never stopped playing with toys. He uses LEGOS in conjunction with his creative eye and photography skills to make fun, colorful “sketches” of some of the best pop culture characters of all time. In this series of LEGO Brick Sketches, McVeigh challenges himself to stick to a 12″x16″ brick canvas, which is a similar size to some of his friends’ miniature marker sketches. His first one was Wolverine and after receiving a very positive response from his Instagram and Facebook fans, he decided to keep going. While the LEGO creations are obviously not real sketches, McVeigh plays up this theme perfectly with little LEGO markers in the correct colors next to each portrait.

Richard Unglik Remakes Famous Scenes with Playmobil People

Richard Unglik 1

Here at Visual News, we love to see artists playing with toys! With legos, we’ve seen iconic photographs remade by Mike Stimpson and hilarious famous movie scenes by Alex Eylar. Now we bring you a similar concept with a different toy- classic Playmobil people. Richard Unglik has published several books using these little plastic characters to re-create album covers, movie posters, famous paintings, magazine covers, and scenes from the Bible.

Old Toys Get Remixed Into Classic Paintings & Famous Faces

1 Jane Perkins

With plastic toys in every fast food kids meal and birthdays and holidays galore, little plastic figurines and accessories are quite abundant in our landfills. Jane Perkins has an artful way of repurposing these little trinkets in her textile pieces, combining them with buttons, beads, and other small pieces that are often thrown in the trash. The British artist collects many of her found materials from Car Boot sales, which is the UK’s version of a yard or garage sale and insists that she never alters the colors of any materials. Once she takes her treasures home, she sorts them out by color and uses a hot glue gun to attach them in the perfect positions to re-create famous pieces, like The Girl with the Pearl Earring and the Mona Lisa, or stunning portraits of famous figures.

It’s a Small World After All- Miniature Toy Figures Posed in the Real World

1 Miniature toy figures in real world (by Kurt & Edwige Moses

Husband and wife duo Kurt and Edwidge Moses photograph miniature figurines in a the real world in this clever series called Un Petit Monde (French for “A Small World”). It started in Kurt’s childhood as a creative fascination with the tiny characters that came with his train sets. He says “I dreamed up scenarios out in my backyard. As an adult, my inspiration comes from current and past experiences, how I see the world and my sense of humor.” His wife Edwidge is responsible for thinking of the scenes, researching locations and creating the props and Kurt gets down and dirty with his camera to capture the perfect shot. Blurring the real life backgrounds and focusing in on the little people, they have created a photo series that is as fun as it is realistic looking.

Twisted High Speed Photography: Tools & Toys Spinning In Colorful Paint


Using a custom-built machine called the Spinster that he created, photographer Peter Schafrick creates epic images of centrifugal force at its finest. By placing toys and tools on the Spinster and squirting paint on them with turkey basters, he creates swirly, colorful fun that he captures at just the right moment with a high speed camera. From doll heads to wrenches, Schafrick and his equipment add a new level of excitement to normally mundane objects.

Play With Your Kid While You Nap

Playtime Back T-shirt 1

Kids are amazing little creatures. In their own little worlds of imagination, they can be entertained for hours, playing with cars or dolls. No matter how much coffee adults drink, as a babysitter or parent, playtime can be very tiring, but rather than toss your kid in front of a TV while you nap, you can become part of the child’s play with these awesome new T-shirts. The Play Mat T-shirts by Bky Kid on Etsy allows you to engage in playtime with your kids, while enjoying a nap. Your back becomes a railroad or car track for your kids to zoom cars along as you catch some Zzz’s.

Toy Stories: Children’s Favorite Toys Around the World

Gabriele Galimberti Toy Stories 10

If there’s one unifying thing about children around the world it’s this: they love to play. Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s latest project “Toy Stories,” captures this aspect of our young people’s lives through their prized possessions, artfully arranged around them in the places where they live. It’s an intimate and revealing look at the worlds diverse cultures as experienced by kids.

Real Underwater Humor- Without Photoshop

Jason Isley 1

What does Seaweed say when it’s stuck at the bottom of the sea? “Kelp! Kelp!” If you’ve ever eaten Laffy Taffy, then you know there are lots of silly sea jokes, but what’s not funny is the damage that humans are causing to our most mysterious ecosystem. Underwater photographer Jason Isley sees this first hand, so he decided to bring some toys along with him to capture it firsthand. He creates comical scenes, like a sea slug getting a speeding ticket, along with some showcasing more serious environmental concerns, like ghost nets, litter, and fish bombing. Although he does occasionally brighten some images with Photoshop, the miniature scenes are actually set up underwater. Isley is the co-founder of ScubaZoo, a Malaysian underwater filming and photography company.

Vintage Toys Illustrated: Strange Figures Come Alive


When you think about how many millions of Happy Meals have been sold since their beginning in 1979, there are a lot of worthless little plastic figurines out there- not to mention the ones that people have bought their children from toy stores and dollar stores. But why should these colored plastic characters be forgotten? Enter KARATOYS- the Tumblr that resurrects old toys and brings them to life by illustrating them into new poses. From Ronald McDonald appearing to be resurrected with a bird costume to an angry donut in army gear, the gallery will not fail to amuse you.

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