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Below the Boat: Underwater Topo Maps Made of Wood

Saturday 01.05.2013 , Posted by

Below the Boat 8

There are few things more interesting to study than a good map… add some detail to it in the form of topographical data, and you could have the people here at Visual News obsessed for hours. The maps we bring you here have one added ingredient: a healthy dose of artisan beauty. Made by Bellingham, Washington based chart purveyor Below the Boat, each of their many map designs detail the underwater features of famous bodies of water by laser cutting and layering pieces of wood. [Read more…]


Can Your Kindle Do This?

Sunday 01.15.2012 , Posted by

Twenty-three year old artist Kyle Kirkpatrick takes recycling to a whole new level by creating beautiful topographic landscapes out of books. A graduate of Norwich University College of the arts, Kirkpatrick describes his work as follows: [Read more…]