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Beautful Sea Sponges & Coral in Motion: Captured Over 9 Months in 150,000 Shots

Friday 04.04.2014 , Posted by

To find alien life you don’t have to go to space. Just a short trip under the sea will reveal a world completely foreign to most eyes; one filled with animals that could have jumped off the screen of James Cameron’s Avatar – bizarre anatomy, eating habits, wild colors and all. And, just like the plants in Avatar, these creatures are vitally important to our environment. [Read more...]


Bird Flights Mapped into Time-lapse Sky Performances

Monday 01.27.2014 , Posted by

I constantly feel like birds are mocking the human race. They have the ability to do what we have been striving for since the beginning of civilization and they make it so effortless that it’s insulting – spacial freedom. Am I the only one addicted to my remote control helicopter? I mean, all I do is go up and down and back and forth… but the spacial liberation is intoxicating! In these mesmerizing videos by artist Dennis Hlynsky you see that birds in flight contain much more information than meets the eye. The time-lapse video performances show birds creating beautiful patterns as they roam the open air and even display some seemingly intentional creativity. [Read more...]


Stunning Time-Lapse of the Natural Beauty of the Western U.S.A.

Thursday 12.05.2013 , Posted by

Screenshot - 12052013 - 03:41:58 AM

For the past year and a half, Andrew Walker has been shooting stunning motion controlled footage of some of the most serene, beautiful places in the Western U.S.A. From Montana to Arizona, he used over 15,000 captured stills to create this majestic video, which he calls Journey Part 1. Using motion control equipment from Dynamic Perception and Kessler Crane, he traveled high and low (12,000 feet high and 225 feet below sea level to be exact) to capture these breathtaking views. You will see clouds rolling over mountain tops, sweeping through cities, and hovering over valleys. Walker captured some of the most gorgeous views of our galaxy and shooting stars dancing through the sky. Words can not do justice for the beauty you are about to witness in the video below- after the jump. Enjoy! [Read more...]


This is the Best Time-Lapse Street Art We’ve Ever Seen

Tuesday 11.26.2013 , Posted by


Take 4 street artists, 1 warehouse on its way to demolition, a camera and unlimited paint, and what do you get? The most amazing time-lapse street art collaboration we’ve ever seen, hands down. Videographer Selina Miles captured the quartet of painters, Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench, decorating every wall of this massive warehouse – it’s manic mayhem captured in beautiful high-speed motion. Their antics are not to be missed. [Read more...]


Watch This Heartwarming Timelapse of a Homeless Veteran Getting a Makeover

Friday 11.08.2013 , Posted by

Veteran Makeover 1Veteran Makeover 2

Putting vanity aside, looking good can be a huge boost to your ego and make a big difference in your life. That’s the chance that Degage Ministries recently gave to homeless US army veteran Jim Wolf. After decades of dealing with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism, he volunteered last September to go through this physical transformation and have it filmed as a timelapse… what a difference a few minutes can make. [Read more...]


The Sleep of the Beloved: Time Lapse Photography Catches Couples ‘Dancing’ As They Sleep

Thursday 10.17.2013 , Posted by

9 The sleep of the beloved by Paul Schneggenburger

In the name of art, Dutch photographer Paul Schneggenburger has invited over 80 couples to sleep over his house. This is in no way as creepy as it sounds: once there the participating lovers sleep together, alone, in a black duvet bed, lit only by candle light, while a camera hung over the bed captures their intimate sleep patterns. Between the hours of midnight and 6am, the long exposure documents each couples’ “nocturnal lovers’ dance” in a revealing black and white ethereal manner. A clever concept with a brilliant execution, the series is called Sleep of the Beloved. [Read more...]


The Stunning Astrophotography of Michael Shaimblum

Tuesday 07.30.2013 , Posted by


Depending on where you live and how much light pollution there is, seeing stars at night is not always possible. Even when they are out, it’s hard to get that cosmos feel like you’re hurling through the universe at 2.7 million miles per hour, but Michael Shainblum has captured it beautifully. Using long exposure photography, Shainblum creates stunning images of the incredible night sky. A student at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, he has developed amazing skills in time lapse and long exposure and even offers tutorials on his process. [Read more...]


Beautiful Flowers In Shattering Vases

Thursday 11.01.2012 , Posted by

What’s cooler than getting a vase of flowers? Shooting the vase with a steel ball and using an expensive camera to capture it right at the moment of impact. German Photographer Martin Klimas does just that and the result is a gorgeous contrast between the motionless serenity of the flowers and the total chaos of the exploding vase. [Read more...]


Misunderstanding Focus- Portraits Reveal Flow Within

Thursday 08.16.2012 , Posted by

Hold still! If you’ve ever tried to sit still for a long period of time, you will notice that it’s nearly impossible, which has made the latest project by Nerhol a fascinating one. The duo, consisting of graphic designer Yoshihisa Tanaka and fine artist Ryuta Iida, asked 27 people to sit still for three minutes while they took high speed shutter pictures of them. Then they stacked all of each subject’s pictures into a pile, then sliced through the layers to show the movements that each made during the three minute span. The result being a blurred portrait; an homage to the life force that is constantly running through one’s veins. [Read more...]


8000 Toothpicks Later: Art Inspired by the Movie “Drive”

Friday 07.20.2012 , Posted by


When you were a kid in elementary school and it was time for art hour, often popsicle sticks and toothpicks were the medium. Later on, many of us spend less time in the realm of arts and more time being practical – like making it to the cubicle on time each morning. Whether able to find the time for a little right brain stimulation or not, adults often skip over Elmer’s glue and little pieces of wood to release their creative spirits. Danish artist Mark Nors Arnesen not only chose the time honored tradition of glue and little pieces of wood, he found time to turn 8,000 of those little sticks into a cover for a publication. [Read more...]

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