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Rainbow Installation Brightens Neoclassic Villa

Tuesday 11.20.2012 , Posted by

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Gabriel Dawe’s astonishing rainbow thread installations and we’re hoping it won’t be the last. This time the intricate designs were spread across the stories of Villa Olmo in Como, Italy from one banister to the next. The vibrant rainbow colored thread combined with the natural lighting of the Villa created a stark contrast between old and new. [Read more…]


One Uncut Thread Brings Incredible Portraits to Life

Thursday 06.14.2012 , Posted by

Kumi Yamashita is known for her astoundingly clever artworks which play with creating figures out of shadows… the planning and detail that go into each is truly impressive. These portraits, created from small nails and string, are no different in their insanely well planned execution. They give the viewer an impression of shading and fine details using varying densities of their geometric web. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about these faces however, is that they are made using only one continuous piece of thread. [Read more…]


3D Rainbow Art Made With Thread

Tuesday 12.07.2010 , Posted by

Paying tribute to the rich and colorful art of his country, Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe creates huge three-dimensional art installations using Gütermann thread. Carefully connecting different colors together, he weaves multiple threads onto wooden frames creating a semi-transparent geometric rainbow. For more about Gabriel, check out his website at

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