Pumpktris: When Carving Pumpkins and Tetris Collide

If you’re a creative, writing down all your crazy ideas and revisiting them later can spark some truly interesting and wonderful inventions. One of those awesome ideas Nathan from Hahabird had was to take a pumpkin and turn it into the classic video game Tetris. The combination of carving pumpkins and Tetris collide and turn into the fully realized Pumpktris! Fully playable, embedded in a pumpkin, and with the stem serving as a controller.

Silhouetris: A New Kinect Controlled Tetris

Tetris: back in the 1980’s it was the staple entertainment of gamers and bored employees, providing countless hours of dexterous finger numbing exercise. Enter the new kid on the block: Silhouetris. An experimental version of the original game that tracks your body’s motion using the Microsoft Kinect and ups the players interaction to some really fat-busting levels.