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Florescent Geometric Illusions Skewering People in Brooklyn

Wednesday 06.25.2014 , Posted by
Aakash Nihalani Skewered 1

The last time we featured the work of artist Aakash Nihalani, he was using florescent tape to create impossible geometric illusions all over the urban landscape. Now he’s using that same tape to skewer the hip people of Brooklyn with angular geometric forms. Window-like holes provide easy passage through the chest and stomach of each of his subjects… and honestly, getting stabbed never looked so good. [Read more…]


Augmented Tape Mapping on a 3D Animation Brings Futuristic City to Life

Tuesday 01.14.2014 , Posted by

Looking at this video you would never believe that the skyscrapers of the futuristic city were 2 dimensional augmented tape art. This installation appears in the bar area of Generator, a new artsy hostel in Berlin Mitte. The project was created by Jaques-Andre Dupont, an audiovisual creative in Berlin. His vision for the future is “an invasive city, occupying every surface, forever growing on itself. A concrete and light saturation.” [Read more…]


Sticky Street Art Made From Masking Tape

Monday 05.13.2013 , Posted by

Buff Diss Street Tape Art 19

One of the biggest problems facing street artists has always been the legality of painting on unauthorized walls. While many people cheer for a more art filled city, there are always those (including business owners) who decry the practice of using the urban environment as a canvas. Enter Aussie street artist Buff Diss, a man who uses masking tape to create his uniquely linear works of art… and in doing so makes works which can please everyone. Don’t like it? Simply peal it off. [Read more…]


Impressive Tape Art by Max Zorn

Monday 02.04.2013 , Posted by


Amsterdam based artist Max Zorn creates his works with a unique media: packaging tape. By layering the translucent tape on plexiglass and cutting it with a scalpel, he creates remarkable tape pictures and is able to achieve various shades, hues and shadows through his work. Once completed, his work can often be seen hanging on the local Amsterdam street lamps. Lit up, it shines through the tape and manifests a beautiful image. [Read more…]


Black Forest: Tape Drawings Bring the Woods to Life

Wednesday 05.09.2012 , Posted by

Looking like highly complex digital wireframes of a forest environment, these dark and foreboding works by New York City based artist Hong Seon Jang are creatively made using common school room materials. Jang uses chalk boards as a dark opaque canvas for his work, using clear layers of tape to create his many overlapping lines. The resultant images look much like wireframe models before surface textures have been rendered. [Read more…]


The Urban Landscape Transformed by Geometric Tape

Monday 04.16.2012 , Posted by

Urban spaces transform into florescent geometric illusions in artist Aakash Nihalani’s unique yet temporal works. He uses bright lines of tape to single out elements of the city landscape, giving them the look of having more dimensions than they actually have: doorways pop out of their flat walls, homeless people sit on seemingly raised platforms and highlighted bricks fall out of place. [Read more…]


Gripping Modern Art Made with Tape

Tuesday 06.28.2011 , Posted by

Many artists use tape to create their masterpieces, using it to mask off areas or to hold layers of their works together… Chris Hosmer takes the material a few steps further, making beautiful modern pieces with tape alone. His work has a superb linear look to it and even the tastefully placed color is made with the material. [Read more…]