Visual Bits #452 > Just Add Water: Amazing Houses

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Visual Bits #366> Love Where You Live: Architecture

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Not Your Average Pool Party: Ping Pong Ball Projecting

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 10

Water isn’t known for being the most “projection friendly” surface. I mean, you shine a light on it and the beam either goes right through, or refracts and distorts badly. So when art studio Red Paper Heart was challenged by UrbanDaddy to come up with a way to create a memorable interactive experience in water, their expertly produced projections were going to need a different surface. What did they do?

We Love Friday- Dive In!

It’s hard to believe that summer will be over before we know it; but while the sun is still shining bright and the weather is warm let’s make a splash! If you’re lucky enough to have access to a swimming pool and enjoy the water, nothing is more refreshing than a nice dip or a frozen cocktail on a raft while working on that summer glow. Swimming is one of the few cardiovascular exercises that works every major muscle in your body, so take advantage of the weather and dive in!