Father Photoshops his Daughter into Impossible Scenes

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 6

Kids can be both a blessing and a burden… and when it comes to these impossible images, those facts are taken to the extreme. Up and coming photographer Emil Nystrom has only been working in the field for about a year… but you wouldn’t know it from these brilliant Photoshopped compositions featuring his lovely baby daughter. On the helpful side, we see her climbing under the hood to fix the car and lending a hand painting the walls of the house. Probably less helpful, she also seems to love doing cannon balls into the bathtub and hitching rides behind airplanes. Trouble!

Balloon Man takes one Last Walk before dying


What is so special about an old man walking around with a balloon? While there may not be anything particularly unique about the photos that Viktor Gårdsäter took, the real beauty is found when one understands the meaning behind the images.

Ice Hotel in Sweden Showcases its Design for this Year


Artists from around the world have come to create the 23rd ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. Organized by the ICEHOTEL art & design group, the only building material used is 1,000 tons of pure ice and 30,000 cubic meters of snow extrapolated from the frozen water of a river. In addition there was some support from thin metal frames that helped with some of the weight of the ice. While it is a place for guests to come, wine, dine and stay, it also serves as a large scale art exhibition.

Visual Bits #315 > Awe-Inspiring Architecture

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What To Do On Your Lunch Hour? Have a Dance Party!

People go to work, bring their lunches with them or eat out, and after a while it becomes… well, normal. It can be easy to get into the routine of work, eat, work, go home and it feels like the days weren’t as exciting as you wish they would be.

Meet LunchBeat, a lunch hour dance party that started a little over a year ago in Sweden. With the objective to re-energize oneself and brighten up the routine workday, a group of Swedes organized the first dance party in an underground parking lot during their one hour lunch break. The rules? If you go, you have to dance. What’s the point in going if you’re not going to shake it?

Night Flight: The Illustrations of Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson is a freelance illustrator living in Sigtuna, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. When you first happen upon his phenomenal illustrations your eyeballs practically explode with wonderment and excitement — everything else of his is awesome too. This astoundingly detailed cockpit illustration reminds us of what it was like to be a kid, playing with our Star Wars action figures while pretending to know what it’s like to man the controls of the Millennium Falcon and have a Wookie as our best friend.

Retro-Futuristic Illustrations Bring Back The 70s

Check out these retro-fantastic illustrations by Stockholm based Kilian Eng… many look like they jumped directly off the shiny airbrushed sides of a 70’s van or the album cover of some space opera composing, Minimoog playing music outfit. Whatever the inspiration, you can see many more of his works at behance.net/KilianEng

The Stockholm Subway Takes Art Underground

Considered one of the most beautiful metro’s in Europe, the Stockholm subway system is filled with eye popping art and bright colors… a perfect cure for the proverbial Stockholm Syndrome. Each stop presents riders with a different visual feast as if they have been transported to a new magical underworld.

The metro has 100 stations of which 47 are underground. Construction of the large system began in 1941 with the last station opening in 1994. Some of the cavernous interiors where left with crude bedrock exposed, others have been tiled or even embedded with Romanesque statues. If you’ve ever visited this colorful underground land, the envious crew here at Visual News would love to hear about it!

Tear & Cut: 2 Stop Motion Videos Made with Paper

These two stop motion videos are so incredibly clever. Using paper isn’t too unusual, but tearing off pieces of the paper and then running the film backwards definataly got our attention. The effect makes objects take shape as if by magic, each torn piece appearing to glue itself back together to create a seamless object once again.

Clever Graphics That Make You Think

Using everything from clever phases to his favorite movies for inspiration, Uppsala, Sweden based designer Viktor Hertz has a flare for tasty, smart and simple design. Frequently his creations rework everyday symbols and shapes, modifying the original meaning or reinterpreting them completely with new and surprising results. To order prints of some of his work, visit his page on redbubble.com or to keep up to date on his work follow him on flickr or twitter.