Shh, Don’t Wake These Sleepy Kids!

Nap time has the unfortunate tendency of disappearing once you reach adulthood. French photographer Alice Lemarin captures the childhood privilege of dozing whenever and wherever you want in her Sleeping series.

Visual Bits #442 > Falling Into The Surreal: Paintings

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Visual Bits #430 > Smile For The Surreal!

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Amy Guidry Explores the Psychology of Life and Death

Amy Guidry Paintings 2

The recent collection of paintings from Louisiana based artist Amy Guidry brings the surreal so certainly into existence it seems to easily step off the canvas into reality. Her work is filled with animal and human figures, often taking center stage in what appears as a bleak and beautiful southwest american landscape. This highly ambitious imagery – from detailed rock formations, to skeletons and variously dissected creatures – would be arresting on its own, but it also explores concepts more profound: the rich layers of connection in the cycle of life.

Famous Buildings Floating on Rocky Planets

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo Levitation 2

“To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been” said the famous surrealist Renè Magritte. That lofty aim is the ideal of contemporary Italian aritst Giuseppe Lo Schiavo and the root of his new series called Levitation. The collection of photo manipulations sees a Little Prince-esque world of historical landmarks – honorable mentions on many a ‘7 Wonders’ list – which Lo Schiavo has photographed and placed atop floating rocky worlds which rise above mysterious empty seascapes.

Nature vs Man: Cross Section Diagrams of the Future

1 Josh Keyes

Most of us have heard the thought-provoking words by Environmentalist Terri Swearingen, “We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” Some are moved to make changes; others just shrug thinking “They’ll figure something out.” But what if scientists are right and the polar ice caps do melt and cause the seas to flood the lands? What might the world look like? Oregon based artist Josh Keyes shares his predictions in a unique, textbook diagram style. His paintings show cross section slices through possible future scenes with land animals wading through water next to an octopus, 3 headed tigers, and circus animals roaming the graffitied streets.

Visual Bits #390 > This Can’t Be Real: Beautiful Photos

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Visual Bits #377> Not All Is As It Seems: Surrealism

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Visual Bits #370> The Surreality Of The Situation

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Visual Bits #363> Not Your Average Surreal Photos

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