Real Cities Become Floating Islands in the Sky

If you remember the 80s cult classic The NeverEnding Story, you’ll recall the desperate part of the film when the world of Fantasia begins to crumble away, leaving little more than a small island of rock remaining to stand on. Now, award-winning art director Reinhard Krug has created a series of imagination gripping images which seem to bring that story to our world, manipulating aerial photographs of major cities so they appear to be floating on rock. Here the resemblance to the NeverEnding Story ends, however as Krug’s images are far more serene – placing the cities gently in a sky of puffy clouds.

Visual Bits #311 > Letting The Imagination Fly High

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Transforming the City: SpY’s Urban Interventions

Here on Visual News we’ve covered artwork which seemingly transforms the urban environment, from digital reworking to finely crafted models these scenes create surreal scenes which demand a bit of exploration to make sense of… or realize they just don’t make sense. Madrid based street artist SpY does something all of these examples neglect: he does it for real.

Visual Bits #301 > Screamingly Intriguing Artworks

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Visual Bits #295 > Enter The Surreal World

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Mysterious Heads: New Work from Stefan Zsaitsits

If you’ve ever felt like your head was stuck in the clouds, the characters of Stefan Zsaitsits can surely relate. His enigmatic figures each tell an imaginative story through their mysteriously drawn heads. Some morph into mountain ranges, others turn into geometric cubes and some even disappear. The simple style of his pencil based illustrations, childlike in their playfulness, belies the deeper aspects of the works and the vast imagination embodied in each.

A Body of Gorgeous Illustration

Here we bring you the work of one impressive and prolific artist. His work, featured in periodicals far and wide, spans a range of subjects not often seen from one artist – from architecture and animals, to sports and romance, his work is all done with a delicious signature illustration style. The artist we speak of is Richard Wilkinson, and his art, regardless of subject matter, has a look which speaks to the emotional sensibilities, often with a surreal quality which is hard to quickly put a finger on. Each of his images seems to tell a story, often a poignant one which crosses the boundary between reality and a vivid imagination.

Visual Bits #267> Breaking The Mold

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Subtly Subliminal: Clever Illustrations by Sachin Teng

Crossing the line between the analog and digital era, artist Sachin Teng makes illustrations which tease the mind with creativity and subtle commentary on the world we inhabit. His works carry a heavy influence of gaming and comic love, creating fantasies which jump handily between the worlds of fantasy and reality. These combined dualities of analog/digital – fantasy/reality lend themselves well to his art, which often conveys a surprising message hidden under its attractive surface. As he puts it, “art is the original subliminal message.”

Space Suits, Shot from a Parallel Dimension

Tom Colbie imagines a parallel world where astronauts live in harmony with people from the past: peaceful scenes beach combing with vintage cars; navigating the streets of New York City on the old trolly system; or arriving for work at Berlin’s old steam train station. In some of his pieces, the spacemen are lifted to great heights by the art masters of the past. Colbie re-imagines David’s The Death of Marat and de Vinci’s The Lady with an Ermine with his distinctly helmeted style. It’s a world where anything is possible, including trips to the moon.