Visual Bits #370> The Surreality Of The Situation

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Visual Bits #363> Not Your Average Surreal Photos

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Stellar Photo Manipulations the Old Fashioned Way

Photo Manipulations by Thomas Barbey 1

Photo manipulations have been a mainstay of photography, even before the advent of Photoshop, but with the ubiquitous use of program by everyone and their brother, the world has become flooded with seriously questionable work. Luckily the other day we ran across the work of Thomas Barbéy to give us hope. His pieces bring back a classic surreal quality, perhaps because he does this the old fashioned way – with carefully planned film based photographs, selection of negatives and maybe even a bit of airbrushing.

Sharp Silhouettes that Evoke Emotion

Hengki-Lee-Photography -1

Using simple black and white photography, Hengki Lee has found a way to tell a story with his silhouettes. The Indonesian self-taught photographer captures perfectly the outline of the people and animals in his shots without giving them an identity, almost to insist that you relate them to your own life or create a story for them. Using the moon to light many of his shots, the silhouettes are so crisp that they almost look like construction paper cut-outs glued to the photographs.

Visual Bits #346 > Life On The Other End

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Size Matters: Changing Proportions of Everyday Objects


Imagine a world where children’s toys are bigger than they are and the defenseless rabbits that a hunter is seeking to shoot are the size of elephants! These are just some of the scenarios that Franck Allais has created with his photography. The self-taught French photographer who is currently based in London manipulates the magnitude of objects to create playful scenes that could only be seen in dreams.

A Surreal Beachside Installation for Charity

Doorways to Potential Andrew Baines artist Dec 2012

Andrew Baines, a photographer from Australia, has created another surreal installation titled “Doorways to Potential.” Earlier this summer, Visual News covered his work, which included suited individuals on the small shore breaks of the ocean. Now his latest installation hopes to bring support to a local charity in addition to the visual stimulation it provides.

Surreal Humans Carved in Wood

Willy Verginer Sculpture 8

While they may look to be cast from resin, chiseled from stone or even 3D printed – these sculptures by Italian artist Willy Verginer are made of wood. His strikingly beautiful and dreamlike figures are covered with many textures; from smooth skin, to faceted rough surfaces and fascinating patterns in relief. His figures perform strange handstands, interact with woodland rabbits, and find themselves covered in delicate flowers – all giving the series a touch of the surreal.

Bizarre Portraits from a Patterned Dream


If you combined the work of Salvador Dali with those Magic Eye books, you might have something close to the paintings of Canadian artist Sascha Braunig. Her works embody the unique duality of at once being highly beautiful and highly disturbing. They aren’t the type of things you want to see in your next dream or drug trip.

Mysterious Stories Unfold Underwater

I had the pleasure of seeing Sir John Everett Millais’ classic painting Ophelia at the Tate Britain recently – so that might be the reason these cold, almost claustrophobic photographs really stood out to me. Created by Finnish artist Susanna Majuri, each image sees a woman underwater in quiet repose – much like Millais’ iconic work. The images are almost unnerving in their quiet stillness, leaving the viewer to wonder if the works protagonist is dead, sleeping or stylistically frozen… only the story of Ophelia gives us the answer for one of these works…