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Horse Paintings Leap into Color

Apr, 24 2013

Yahena Pasha Horse Paintings 7

Horses have been a part of Yaheya Pasha’s family background for generations. Not only did her parents grow up with horses, but her grandfather was an avid horseman and polo player in India. Now, with her own love for art, she has translated her families passion into fine equestrian paintings which capture the movement of the horse through clean lines, and brilliant colors.

Art, Artist Spotlight, Painting

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Surreal Paintings On Humans in the Urban Environment

Apr, 18 2013

jeremy-geddes 1

With the aim of showing how fragile the human body can be in ever complex urban environments, Melbourne based artist Jeremy Geddes creates surreal paintings. In his recent series titled Exhale, Jeremy painted his subjecs in desolate environments, often experiencing some form of impossible levitation or dynamic explosion. Viewing the works, one can acknowledge the fine brushwork, layers of glaze, tones and color he puts into each piece.


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Andrea Wan: Illustrations from a Dreaming Mind

Apr, 16 2013

Andrea Wan illustrations 9

It’s difficult to pin down the etherial artwork of Berlin and Vancouver based Andrea Wan. Her work is the thing of a strange dream or a good high; some examples making us laugh out loud, others turning us introspectively inside. In her latest examples for the Pictoplasma show in Berlin we see sloths cavorting with larger than life humans wearing teepees for hats – while other small humans go camping inside. It’s just the kind of thing which still leaves us fascinated when we awake or sober up.

Art, Artist Spotlight, Illustration, Painting

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Amy Guidry Explores the Psychology of Life and Death

Apr, 9 2013

Amy Guidry Paintings 2

The recent collection of paintings from Louisiana based artist Amy Guidry brings the surreal so certainly into existence it seems to easily step off the canvas into reality. Her work is filled with animal and human figures, often taking center stage in what appears as a bleak and beautiful southwest american landscape. This highly ambitious imagery – from detailed rock formations, to skeletons and variously dissected creatures – would be arresting on its own, but it also explores concepts more profound: the rich layers of connection in the cycle of life.

Art, Artist Spotlight, Painting

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Finding Humans In Nature: Surreal Cerebral Trees

Mar, 24 2013

Igor Morski 1

In a stunning series of digital illustrations called Nature, Igor Morski takes your imagination on a journey that reveals hidden human figures in “natural” settings. The Polish graphic designer creates a human facial profile shaped slice through the flora of various biomes to reveal a single tree resembling the brain with the trunk acting as the brain stem. The vibrant pictures conjure up thoughts of the inter-connectedness of humans with all forms of life on Earth. In other images, Morski creates feminine faces from branches and foliage, perhaps to represent Mother Nature or the essence of nature’s femininity.

Art, Artist Spotlight, Digital Art, Illustration

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Famous Buildings Floating on Rocky Planets

Mar, 22 2013

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo Levitation 2

“To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been” said the famous surrealist Renè Magritte. That lofty aim is the ideal of contemporary Italian aritst Giuseppe Lo Schiavo and the root of his new series called Levitation. The collection of photo manipulations sees a Little Prince-esque world of historical landmarks – honorable mentions on many a ’7 Wonders’ list – which Lo Schiavo has photographed and placed atop floating rocky worlds which rise above mysterious empty seascapes.

Art, Artist Spotlight, Photography

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Four-Eyed Cats are Creepy… Like Real Cats

Mar, 11 2013

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 3

Without even trying, cats can be really creepy at times. Well actually, maybe they are trying. They run maniacally around the house for seemingly no reason; they hide in boxes for us to find them; and most disconcertingly, they stare at us with those big, glowing, curious eyes. Artist Casey Weldon knows this so he’s lately been creating cat paintings with double the creepiness – cats with four eyes.

Art, Artist Spotlight, Painting

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Surreal Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

Mar, 10 2013


Welcome to the magical land of Katerina Plotnikova. Her photography conjures up dreams of serenity and gentleness in her surreal like settings. Based in Moscow, Katerina only discovered her interest in photography 5 years ago. Since then she has been on a mission to capture her wildest imaginations through the lens.


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