Classic/Modern Fantasy Worlds to Explore

Julie Heffernan paintings 4

In a world often obsessed with minimalism, Julie Heffernan gives us the fantastic gift of intricate masterpieces – in the form of surreal paintings that harken back to the masters of old. Her work, which is often influenced by the heavily ornamented and ornate Baroque period, is a collection of fanciful environments filled with carefully arranged elements from roses and temples, to skyscrapers and power lines. These later, modern elements of society are easily overlooked on first glance – the classic form and execution of the paintings taking precedence. On closer inspection (a must with these explorable works), we are treated to the realization that these paintings are far more recent than it first seemed.

The Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Dancer Ingrid Endel


Creative people have an innate need for an outlet to express themselves; for Ingrid Endel that channel was found through dance. However after multiple knee injuries, her dance career was brought to a halt after training for twelve years. It is then that she turned to photography to express her emotions and has found a way to utilize her polished dance poses to create stunning, conceptual self-portraits. Though her injuries may prevent her from starring in Swan Lake, she has found a way, just as elegant, to showcase her grace, strength, emotion, and creativity through her pictures. Her struggles to find joy again after her dreams of dancing were shattered are expressed beautifully in this ethereal photo series, which takes place in nature.

A Wonderful Photo Series to Honor a Mothers Life


In 2008, Kirsty Mitchell’s mother Maureen, who had a wonderfully vivid and lively imagination, passed away as a result of a brain tumor. When Kirsty was a child, she would tell wonderful fairytales to her and as an English teacher, she continued the stories and plays to her many students. As a way to commemorate her life and being, Kirsty embarked on a photographic journey to show the world the beautiful person her mother was.

The Bizarre, Surreal Worlds of Painter Jung-Yeon Min

Jung-Yeon Min Paintings header

Her work rides a fine line between the grotesque and the beautiful, at once begging us to explore deeper and at the same time frightening us with what we find. Korean born, Paris based Jung-Yeon Min creates elaborate landscapes filled with organic, globular forms that resemble things as lovely as clouds and as revolting as innards. Like multiple worlds layered on top of each other, geometric forms and elements of reality weave their way into the scene – from polar bears and humans, to distant mountain ranges and lost luggage. It’s a world of the strange and the familiar.

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Bizarre Animal Sculptures Blend Fantasy with Reality


If you love animals and fantasy then you must see these surreal mixed media sculptures by Ellen Jewett. The Ontario-based artist became obsessed with sculpting three dimensional forms at a young age. “To Ellen, sculpting has always been about life; biological narratives, emotions, movement, balance and observations about life’s subtleties and overtures” (About). With each sculpture she achieves an exorbitant level of reality depicting each animal, then brings it into the surreal world with unique mixed media accents. Each creature seems like it was pulled out of a dream.

Horse Paintings Leap into Color

Yahena Pasha Horse Paintings 7

Horses have been a part of Yaheya Pasha’s family background for generations. Not only did her parents grow up with horses, but her grandfather was an avid horseman and polo player in India. Now, with her own love for art, she has translated her families passion into fine equestrian paintings which capture the movement of the horse through clean lines, and brilliant colors.

Surreal Paintings On Humans in the Urban Environment

jeremy-geddes 1

With the aim of showing how fragile the human body can be in ever complex urban environments, Melbourne based artist Jeremy Geddes creates surreal paintings. In his recent series titled Exhale, Jeremy painted his subjecs in desolate environments, often experiencing some form of impossible levitation or dynamic explosion. Viewing the works, one can acknowledge the fine brushwork, layers of glaze, tones and color he puts into each piece.

Andrea Wan: Illustrations from a Dreaming Mind

Andrea Wan illustrations 9

It’s difficult to pin down the etherial artwork of Berlin and Vancouver based Andrea Wan. Her work is the thing of a strange dream or a good high; some examples making us laugh out loud, others turning us introspectively inside. In her latest examples for the Pictoplasma show in Berlin we see sloths cavorting with larger than life humans wearing teepees for hats – while other small humans go camping inside. It’s just the kind of thing which still leaves us fascinated when we awake or sober up.

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