Unreal Pagan ‘Pop Paintings’ by Nicola Verlato


Italian born artist Nicola Verlato creates paintings deeply rooted in the Renaissance painting tradition. He began drawing and painting at an early age, and begged his parents to teach him how to paint like the great Italian masters. When he was 9 a client of his family’s winery mentioned Fra Terenzio, a monk who taught people how to paint in his studio in the Franciscan monastery a few miles away. He spent 5 summers there, learning the techniques that would turn his future works into stunning explorations in lighting, skin tone, poses, and texture. His newest solo show titled “Pagan Pop” is a collection of oil paintings that are more “pop” than anything he’s done before.

What’s in a Home? Surrealist Architecture Paintings

Stephen Nova Paintings 1

Stephen Nova’s paintings look like the work of an architect gone wild. Classic cottages sit perched atop unnervingly tall scaffolding and impossible (and often treacherous) landscapes. This is no place for a home… but that’s the point here: many of Nova’s most recent works are based around the idea that we live in a “ global age of increasing uncertainty and economic instability.” What rickety foundations hold up our current homes? From the money needed to support them, to the increasingly shaky concept of home itself, we live in changing times.

Visual Bits #457 > Not Always As It Seems: Abstract

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Bizarre Paintings Inspired by Vintage Photographs

Paco Pomett Surreal Vintage Paintings 2

At first glance these paintings look to be faithful copies of vintage photographs, from Civil War era scenes in the battlefield, to 60s snapshots in the office. But a closer look quickly reveals that there is something seriously amiss in this version of the past. Artist Paco Pomett takes inspiration from vintage photographs, transforming elements of the scene into bizarre and often impossible visions of reality. A stack of logs becomes a pile of pencils; swimmer’s arms join together in snake-like curls; and ‘men’ inspecting a hole have mysteriously become dirt loving gophers. The collection is a perfect combination of the strange and familiar… many times looking like movie-stills from vintage sci-fi films.

Rain Room- Surround Yourself With Rain & Stay Dry

Rain Room Lead

There is something so refreshing and magical about rain- especially when you can be surrounded by it without getting wet! And in Random International’s incredible Rain Room, you can do just that- no umbrella required! If you live in New York City or plan on being there before July 28th, 2013, then you should definitely head over to the MoMA to see this amazing exhibit in a 300 ft² room. In the Rain Room, a field of falling water is constantly flowing, but stops wherever its digital sensors detect a human body, giving the sense that an individual can control the rain. Random International has been experimenting with audience-interactive digital practices for quite some time, but this is their largest and most impressive project yet.

A Bizarre Floating Room in France

Leandro Erlich Monte-Meubles 9

It looked like a floating remnant from a massive hurricane or tornado, suspended frozen in the air above Nantes France. Its walls were torn apart, revealing bricks below the plaster, and wood floors relieved the joists inside. Last time we checked there were no massive winds in France… so what’s the story here, and why does this scene look surprisingly peaceful against the beautiful blue skies?

Double Vision: Paintings by Shaina Craft

paintings by shaina craft 1

Just try focusing while looking at these paintings from Shaina Craft… it’s a tough challenge. Her works mix at least two images together forming an figure that appears to be in motion, or possibly a photograph double exposed. At once, her subjects look in two directions, and while the images eventually reveal themselves through investigation, distinguishing between their two profiles is often difficult to decipher.

More Optical Magic: Everyday Objects Re-Imagined

Chema Madoz Surreal Photographs 20

All of these images involve objects from everyday life – the things we are intimately familiar with – and yet they break from familiarity to surprise us with original new interpretations. They are the works of Madrid based artist Chema Madoz, a man with a keen eye for breaking down the form and intrinsic meaning of what seems common – dishes, matches, books – and creating new angles from which to view them (sometimes quite literally).

Visual Bits #447 > Life Is A Balance: Photography

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Not Quite of this World: New Paintings by Jorge Santos

Jorge Santos 1

At the 101/exhibit in Miami is an exhibition featuring a dynamic painter from Angola. His name is Jorge Santos and for most of his life he has been a full time artist creating surreal scenery and groups of people not quite from this reality. Born in 1959, Santos was raised in the then Portuguese colony of Angola. After his family escaped the political turmoil that ensued after Angola became independent, he headed over to America where he settled in 1982. For the past 25 years, he has exhibited his works in galleries all over the world.