Love Can Feel Like Floating (and In This Video That Means Air Surfing Through NYC)

“After a perfect kiss, you get a feeling of weightlessness. You can compare the sensation to floating or flying.” That’s the spirit captured in this charming stop-motion short, which features a couple floating in the bliss of newfound love and an unlikely sight on the streets of New York City: surfboards.

Old Retired Surfboards Get a New Life as Artwork

What happens to old surfboards when they’re old, leaky and ready for retirement? If they’re really lucky, they’re given to Australian artist Jerryn Dower who gives them a new life as slick wall art… or hey, stick it in the sand.

Visual Bits #355 > Sea Of Dreams: Illustrations & More

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The Best Surf Photography of 2012


If you love surfing, then I’m sure you’ve heard of The Inertia. The online network is a collaboration of the global surf community’s most prominent people in conjunction with partnerships from amazing organizations like The Surfrider Foundation, Save The Waves Coalition, WiLDCOAST, Surfers for Cetaceans, and The Surf Resource Network. The site features news, commentary, photography, and art and has grown immensely since it’s beginning 2 years ago. In a recent post, they sifted through all of the awesome photo submissions to bring us the highlights this year. Here we’ve provided a small sample, so be sure to head over to Inertia for the full gallery then you can subscribe or get involved with the incredible team.

The Case For Facebook: Its Effects on Work Productivity

Social media has become an ever increasing part of our lives over the past few years. Five years ago Facebook was just a place to connect with friends you knew and foster relationships with new ones. Today, everyone and their mother (grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, and cat) are on Facebook; so it’s no surprise employees are going on social networks, and even browsing them in the office. The corporate debate over allowing employees to partake in these activities during work hours is a controversial one.

Slow Motion: Capturing Action Like Never Before

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All the wildest sports, the fastest moving objects, the most intricate parts of science, seem to have been captured in beautiful quality over the years. Thanks to slow motion video technology we have seen time slowed down to a crawl, showcasing the most amazing things in a kind of clarity that cannot be seen at full speed: from a speeding bullet to a monstrous wave at Teahupoo, It’s as if slowing things down gives us the godlike ability to see even the most intricate of details. This technology has been around for many years, but recently it has become far more affordable, and as a result, many more visuals from athletes to animals have been captured like never before. What can be thanked for such advances? The Phantom HD camera is largely the culprit.

Rebel Surf Photography by Keegan Gibs

Keegan Gibbs is a photographer and artist who embodies southern California’s surf punk aesthetic. His photos beautifully capture his friends waxing boards, suiting up for surf sessions before catching waves and generally being awesome. In his most intimate photographic moments, he captures a surfer covered in weather beaten tattoos, holding a beautiful new baby. Not limited strictly to surf culture, his photos also capture the gutter punk lifestyle: kids with Gatorade colored hair, hitting up the county fair, running amok, spitting off the ferris wheel and being enamored in young love. These moments, when photographed by Keegan, stop you dead in your tracks and cause you to stick around for a sun bleached minute

The Underwater Project: Beauty Under the Waves

The underwater portraits of Mark Tipple have an otherworldly look and lighting that no studio could match. Sunlight filters through frothy breaking waves, illuminating the ocean floor as swimmers fly through the depths.

How did the project get it’s start? A seasoned ocean photographer, one day while photographing shore break Tipple noticed some kids diving into the waves. Diving under himself, he snapped off the amazing shot at the bottom of this post and kicked off what would become The Underwater Project.

Surfing Was Better In The Seventies

Growing up in the late 60s, photographer Jeff Divine was a participant and witness to the young days of surfing, before mass popularity made an influence. Here we bring you a sampling of his beautiful photographs from the sunny 70s surf scene. Taken mostly in Hawaii and California (near his native La Jolla), these images capture the original look so emulated in the throwback photography of today.

Sporting Illustrations for the Outdoor Lifestyle

Drawing inspiration from the natural Oregon wilds of his youth, illustrator Adam Haynes creates intricate paintings of the outdoors and its sporting culture. His work has been quickly gaining notoriety far beyond home; here we bring you a selection of his fine design work for Nike, Adidas and Deschutes Brewery. Check out the charming, recently released video about Haynes below, then swing by for more on his work.