Beard Grooming Acrobatics by ‘Incredibeard’

Isaiah Webb is the owner of an incredible beard. Sometimes it’s stylish, and others times it’s crazy… but it’s always incredible. From wrapping it up into a fab bow tie, to coiling it into a bowl for some hot ramen noodles, his beard is nearly as dexterous as his imagination.

Webb got his start beard sculpting in September 2012 when he posted a photo on Instagram featuring his facial hair splayed out into a fuzzy ‘Lorax beard.’ The photo went viral, and so did his newly groomed persona ‘Incredibeard.’

Fashion Without A Budget: The Most Stylish Hobo in The Ukraine

You don’t need a closet, or even a home, to be fashionable. In the city of Lviv, Ukraine there is a homeless man named Slavik who makes style a priority. Through the lens, Ukranian photographer Yurko Dyachysyn captured Slavik’s daily fashion forward outfits.

Parents and Kids Swapping Clothes (Or Why Parents Shouldn’t Dress Their Age)

Do your mom and dad think your fashion is completely crazy? Do your kids think you’ve completely checked out when it comes to style? Then survey this fantastic series of images from photographer Qozop. In each, he’s been getting parents to swap clothes with their kids… and the results are excitingly revealing.

Mexico’s Olympic Ski Uniform is the Tightest Mariachi Suit You’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to olympic uniforms, it’s hard to get more political than Germany’s or as wacky as the Norwegian curling team – but when it comes to downright cool, look no further than Mexico’s Olympic ski uniform. You’ve never seen a mariachi suit this tight before!

A Program That Can Identify Cities From One Image

For anyone who has seen the city of Paris, the image above is clearly from one of its streets. But, just what is it that distinguishes the unique Parisian style from other large cities around Europe? If you take a look at the image of a London street, below, the differences start to become more obvious… but even still, it would be easy to miss the subtler details of the two unique design languages. Enter the intriguing project What Makes Paris Look Like Paris.

Visual Bits #235> A Little Retro, A Little Vintage

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Photographing Beards for a Good Cause

As many men and women will attest, there’s nothing quite like a nice full-grown beard… and photographer Justin Muir captures them beautifully in his newly published collection A Book of Beards. Not only is this a stunning collection of facial hair around the midwest United States, but also a project designed to make a difference: all proceeds from the first pressing of this book will go to help a friend; all additional proceeds go to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The book features 86 captivating portraits and a collection of stories. Want more beard? Head to

What Not To Wear To Stores

Have you ever been out shopping and noticed another customer staring over at you with a perplexed look on their face? You look over at them, give a small nod and smile, then go back to digging through the t-shirts at Urban Outfitters looking for the right size — even though you know everyone already has the ‘Pugs, Not Drugs’ shirt (since when did pugs become so cool anyways? Ugh, mouth breathers). They come over and kindly ask if you have x shirt in a medium. At first you don’t hear them, shrugging it off to them speaking a different form of English than you. But, it happens again; they ask the same question. Which is right around the time you begin losing your cool.

Masters of the Hipster Universe

These soft hued renditions of old cartoons are so right on… but you probably haven’t heard of them… Created by He-Man, Care Bear, Thundercats and even Rainbow Bright obsessed Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo, each of the images see’s our favorite characters transformed in stylish, cardigan sporting style. For a wealth of Ciraolo’s work, see his excellent and entertaining blog or follow him on Twitter.

Get Stylish: How To Build A Work Wardrobe

Ok guys and gals, here’s the scenario: you’re out of work and need to get stylish for your next job interview and subsequent first day (let’s think positive!). The only problem? You’re short on cash. Enter this great infographic by our friends at Column Five. With their help, we’ll get you classy and professional (avoiding any fashion faux pas), all while using a paper thin budget or even those clothes already hanging in your closet. Go team!