Take an Immersive Journey Through These Luminous String-Art Installations

When we last featured French artist Julien Salaud he was creating ‘Stellar Animals’ – beautifully bizarre busts of deer covered in nails and thread. Now he is continuing his cosmic exploration with expansive rooms wrapped in luminous webs of constellation like thread art. He calls them ‘Stellar Caves.’

Adrian Esparza Reveals Geometric Art Hidden in the Mexican Blanket

The sarape, commonly known as the Mexican blanket, is a international symbol for the Latin American country. In much of the southern US too, this rainbow colored textile has been an ubiquitous element of the region, seen as decoration, clothing, and as a stylish covering for many an old car seat. Texas-based artist Adrian Esparza has been transforming this popular item, unraveling it and transforming the multi-colored weave into geometric string art. In most of his works a blanket hangs nearby, giving its thread to the newly imagined form.

Curvaceous Typography Created with String and Nails

Corn Studio Petrol String Art 4

We’ve covered work from half of the talent behind Athens based Corn Studio before. Andreas Xenoulis’s reflective Bodoni Girl poster wowed us with its stylish tribute to the classic font. Now we bring you the other half of this multi-talented equation; new work in the form of curvacious string-based typography from Dimos Stathis. He’s created a new sign for handcrafted jewelry and accessory maker, Petrol, using the corporate identity Corn Studio produced for the company. It utilizes 2000 small nails and a lengthy 700 meters of embroidery thread to create a sensuously curving recreation of Parachute Type Foundry’s script font PF Champion Script Pro and a custom butterfly embellishment.

Beautiful Drawings Made With String

Looking almost as if they where drawn with a pen, the string art of Debbie Smyth is amazingly detailed and very attractive. She uses metal pins pressed into white walls, lacing multi-colored thread between the points to create pieces that literally float off the surface. See more of her work, including some very clever designs for the Red Cross and New York Times, at debbie-smyth.com

3D Rainbow Art Made With Thread

Paying tribute to the rich and colorful art of his country, Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe creates huge three-dimensional art installations using Gütermann thread. Carefully connecting different colors together, he weaves multiple threads onto wooden frames creating a semi-transparent geometric rainbow. For more about Gabriel, check out his website at www.gabrieldawe.com