Retro-Futuristic Illustrations Bring Back The 70s

Check out these retro-fantastic illustrations by Stockholm based Kilian Eng… many look like they jumped directly off the shiny airbrushed sides of a 70’s van or the album cover of some space opera composing, Minimoog playing music outfit. Whatever the inspiration, you can see many more of his works at

The Stockholm Subway Takes Art Underground

Considered one of the most beautiful metro’s in Europe, the Stockholm subway system is filled with eye popping art and bright colors… a perfect cure for the proverbial Stockholm Syndrome. Each stop presents riders with a different visual feast as if they have been transported to a new magical underworld.

The metro has 100 stations of which 47 are underground. Construction of the large system began in 1941 with the last station opening in 1994. Some of the cavernous interiors where left with crude bedrock exposed, others have been tiled or even embedded with Romanesque statues. If you’ve ever visited this colorful underground land, the envious crew here at Visual News would love to hear about it!

Tear & Cut: 2 Stop Motion Videos Made with Paper

These two stop motion videos are so incredibly clever. Using paper isn’t too unusual, but tearing off pieces of the paper and then running the film backwards definataly got our attention. The effect makes objects take shape as if by magic, each torn piece appearing to glue itself back together to create a seamless object once again.

WikiLeaks Now Hosted in a “James Bond” Bunker

After being booted from his first two data-centers, PRG and last Wednesday Amazon, controversial WikiLinks founder Julian Assange is going for something a little more secure… a bunker inside a Swedish Mountain that’s being discribed as something out of a “James Bond” movie.

The host, a company called Bahnhof, is hosting WikiLeaks from a literal cave inside White Mountain close to Stockholm, Sweden, according to an article by Considering the immense political pressure the previous hosts have experienced, it’s surprising that Bahnhof is willing to take on WikiLeaks and be put under constant attack for the probable future. But maybe that’s because Bahnhof was founded by Oscar Swartz, a member of the Pirate Party and open campaigner for freedom and integrity on the internet.