How Would Kerouac Like Becoming an Infographic?


Jack Kerouac’s gravestone reads, “He honored life.” Said to be a progenitor of the hippie movement and pioneer of the beat generation, he lived a simple life. Kerouac claimed that he wrote his novel, On the Road over the course of three weeks on a 120-foot roll of teletype paper. The makeshift roll was actually tracing paper sheets taped together and the novel was typed single spaced, without margins or paragraph breaks. His antics made it hard to doubt that he marched to the beat of a different drummer than most.

Detailed Beauty: Hand Drawn Data Analysis

Stefanie Posavec is one unique and extremely talented designer. Her personal works focus on some very unusual subjects too, analyzing the structure of books or mathematical division, and most unusually doing much of the work by hand with pen and paper. The more one knows about her complex projects, the more interesting and beautiful they become