Which State Drinks the Most Wine? Animation Shows It’s Just Getting More Popular

Over the past 20 years wine consumption has steadily grown in the US. Following a major slump in 1993, the classic beverage has seen a steady climb to new levels of appreciation today. But which state loves wine the most?

Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Thanksgiving has become a staple of the American holiday and tradition circuit. People’s lives have become so hectic and demanding that it has become an annual reminder to drop (most of) what your doing, and share a little TLC with the ones you love. Thanksgiving has always been a time of reflection and one be thankful for being alive. The original Thanksgiving was a 3-day harvest feast held by the founders of the Plymouth colony in 1621, and the Thanksgiving we experience today is quite different than what early settlers were exposed to. 

Swedes Love Their Milk… and China is Allergic

This just in: swedes love their milk… big time. This map made a splash on Reddit recently when it was pointed out that there is some serious love for the white beverage in the northern european country, as well as its neighbor Finland, the Netherlands, Greece and Switzerland. Ranking low on this map: China.

Wack Weed Attitudes: Where Do People Really Stand?

The quest to legalize marijuana has been long and arduous. For over 40 years the legalization movement has been gaining support  — from 12% public support in 1969 to roughly 50% support in 2011 — more people than ever are in favor of legalization. According to the graphic below, these numbers rise astronomically to 70% in favor of legalizing doctor-prescribed marijuana. Still, state and federal lawmakers are among the minority of supporters. Many believe in the criminalization of marijuana, regardless of its proven track record for being a better alternative — and less grim reaper friendly — than prescription drugs and legal self-medication.

Weed The People: Evolving Attitudes About Marijuana

Times they are a changing. With record numbers of Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana, and many states allowing the use of the plant for medical purposes, it seems as if the tide of opinion in the nation may be poised for drastic change. This graphic, created in a collaboration between GOOD and Column Five, looks at where people stand on the issue, narrowing the focus to demographics such as age and political standing. The graphic also looks at the current legal policy for each state regarding medical marijuana. What do you think this means for future legislation?

Paying More in 2011: The High Cost of Inflation

If you thought an omelet for breakfast was a good low cost option, you’d be right, but last year you would have saved 7% more. This very readable graphic by Nathan Yau of FlowingData.com, lays out the sobering fact that in just one year the people of the U.S. are paying on average 2.7% more for goods and services.

Saving PBS: Public Broadcasting on the Rocks

From kids programming like Sesame Street to space exploration on NOVA, PBS has been a source of inspiration and learning to generations. On February 19th, 2011, the House of Representatives voted 235-189 to pass a continuing resolution that eliminates funding for public broadcasting. Talented illustrator Chris Bishop, put together this handy graphic illuminating the many reasons why PBS is worth saving. Visit 170 Million Americans for more information on how we can save this treasure!

The United States of Kink

Inspired by his own experience with dating sites, R. Luke Dubois created the graphic you see above. Titled “A More Perfect Union,” it sources information from a number of major dating sites and ranks each region, broken down by gender and the local desire for kink. If you’re looking for a wild time, check out the women of Alaska or West Virginia. Women, what about those guys in the southern New Mexico desert?

How Graphics are Changing the Way We View Information

When was the last time you saw a graph get a standing ovation? The people at BBC Newsnight sat down for a conversation with David McCandless, author of both the book (and eponymous blog), Information is Beautiful, as well as Neville Brody (previously of “The Face”,  and founder of the renown Research Studios) Here they discuss the history of sharing statistical information and as well as emergent methods by which information is designed and explained. We’ve come a long way since the simple pie chart.

A Day in the Life of Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube the growing number of people using social media seems to explode each day. It’s a powerhouse to take seriously, and by crunching some of the numbers these sites experience on a daily basis, this engaging video tells why it pays to take part.

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