Visual Bits #299 > In The Hands Of Muralists

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New York New York: Filming New Work from TILT

You might remember running across the artist TILT earlier this year when he and his crew decorated a Marseille hotel room with what we dubbed as a split personality. Now this french artist with such a bold aesthetic is back, markering and spray painting a piece he calls New York New York. The large canvas is covered with a spiral of bubbly hand-drawn typography and painted in hues from deep purple to light pink. The result is deliciously chewy.

Visual Bits #277> Spy With A Vintage Eye

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Visual Bits #247> Write It On The Wall

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Natural Graffiti Invites Us Indoors

Mixing both the mechanical and natural, mysterious graffiti artist Rapaze (aka 777) transforms and reclaims space with generously flowing paint. His sweeping organic forms can be found enhancing his home town of Niort, France.

In this latest video, Rapaze teams up with his friends Saïr and Spektr using an abandoned room as a 3D canvas. As if channeling the spirit of German designer Hundertwasser, the trio brings the outdoors inside, transforming the bleak space by surrounding themselves in an inviting floral canapy. For more on Rapaze check out his flickr photos or see