Comic Book Heroes As Native American Traditional Art

1 Superheros by jeffrey veregge

Native American artist Jeffrey Veregge, a member of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe who is also of Suquamish and Duwamish tribal ancestry, puts a modern twist on traditional art by creating this series of comic book heroes. Veregge grew up on a reservation near Kingston, Washington called Little Boston where he, like most boys, developed a love for superheroes and toys, but also for traditional art. Combining his passions for comic books, TV, and film with his artistic talents (an honors graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle) and Native perspective, Veregge’s minimalist designs perfectly represent each character.

Like a Sir: Superheroes Go Super Classic

Just take a look at these classically themed superhero portraits! It’s hard to imagine the protagonists of our favorite comic books and cinema looking any more dapper: surrounded by ornate gold frames and dressed in elegant suits, complete with frilly dress shirts from days long gone. There is a pocket hankerchief here and there, at least one monicle, and wait… is Batman sporting a daring mustache? Yes he is, yes indeed.

Split Personalities: Superheros and Their Alter Egos

You don’t need a phone booth to see both sides of Superman – just the posters of Danny Haas. These split illustrations show our favorite super heros split down their middle next to their well known, but secret, alter egos. So far Haas has created posters of Spiderman, Green Lantern, The Hulk, Batman, Superman and Wolverine. All are available as posters at or you can check out new installments at

The World Is Your Canvas

What if the whole world was your canvas and everything on the street was free for modification, experimentation and making art? That’s the world that French street artist OaKoAk occupies. For the last few years he’s been modifying elements of the urban jungle, adding his whimsical embelishments and leaving many passer-by with a smile on their face. Unlike most street art, OaKoAk’s work plays off existing urban elements, using their form as inspiration, bringing them to life and adding a playful element missing from most cities.

Movie Posters Get the Pictogram Treatment

You may recall the brilliant Viktor Hertz from our earlier post “Clever Graphics That Make You Think.” Well he’s back with a new series that re-imagines famous movie posters in his own simplified style… and what better way to communicate simply than by using pictograms? With this ongoing project, he’s striving to find a balance between the current minimalist poster trend and not being boring… even in black and gray, we think he’s right on target.