This New Printing Process Lets Blind People “See” Art Masterpieces

In Spain’s Museo Del Prado, new technology lets blind people—and everyone—touch art masterpieces. Think of it as braille for paintings. They aren’t the original paintings themselves, of course, but rather detailed high-resolution replicas. Thanks to a new 3D-printing process called Didú, which creates physical objects the way a 3D printer would but applies particular chemicals that allow for more sensory detail when touched, viewers can experience the paintings in a new way.

blind touch art 2

Developed by printing studio Estudios Durero, the process begins with a super high-resolution of the painting itself. According to the studio’s homepage:

A Former Monk is Building this Giant Cathedral from Junk. He’s Been Working 52 Years.

In 1963 Justo Gallego Martinez began construction on the foundation for a grand cathedral in Mejorada del Campo, just outside of Madrid. Though he started with no architecture or construction training, the former monk has spent almost every day building his dream. Now 52 years later, his building towers 131 feet into the sky, far above the apartment buildings that surround it.

A Film Shows How La Sagrada Familia Will Look When Completed (as Soon as 2026!)

We Build Tomorrow Sagrada Familia1

Just when you thought Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia basilica couldn’t get any bigger, another tower goes up. The master work of Antoni Gaudi, the fantastic structure is on a truly classic building schedule. Started in 1882 (just 131 years ago) the structure was only half completed in 2010. That means there’s far more to complete, and even at its current dizzying height, there’s far more upward growth to be seen. With a strong final push, new targets have been set for a final completion in just 13 years – at the end of 2026.

Bizarre Paintings Inspired by Vintage Photographs

Paco Pomett Surreal Vintage Paintings 2

At first glance these paintings look to be faithful copies of vintage photographs, from Civil War era scenes in the battlefield, to 60s snapshots in the office. But a closer look quickly reveals that there is something seriously amiss in this version of the past. Artist Paco Pomett takes inspiration from vintage photographs, transforming elements of the scene into bizarre and often impossible visions of reality. A stack of logs becomes a pile of pencils; swimmer’s arms join together in snake-like curls; and ‘men’ inspecting a hole have mysteriously become dirt loving gophers. The collection is a perfect combination of the strange and familiar… many times looking like movie-stills from vintage sci-fi films.

Disney Characters Discover Their Cliques


With Disney’s latest Pixar movie Monsters University hitting theaters next week, 27 year old illustrator and Disney fan Rubén B. Caballero (also known as Hyung86 on deviantART) decided to re-imagine his favorite characters as college students. Aside from putting them in modern clothes, he assigned them to various clubs and sports that would go along with their character. Aladdin loves breakdancing with Esmeralda on the school dance team. Snow White and Aurora are choir girls and love to help Kenai and Pocahontas with the Animal Welfare Association on campus. Tinkerbell is a cheerleader, while Peter Pan rocks eternally youthful Bieber-like style.

Black & White Optical Magic: Fine Art Photography

Chema Madoz 1

Spanish photographer Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, better known as Chema Madoz, has a unique perspective for black and white photography. He creates unexpected optical illusions, cleverly pairing objects that don’t normally go together for an amusing effect. With Madoz, black and white is never boring and he has published many albums of his work and exhibited it all over the world, winning various international awards including a Higashikawa Prize. He has also published several volumes of his work, all available on Amazon.

An Homage to Picasso Through Photography


Madrid based artist Eugenio Recuenco is known in many circles as a renaissance man. His portfolio is impressive, spanning many fields including film. Inspired by this cinematic approach, his photography has been described as ‘pictorial masterpieces’ rather than just photographic captures. With a style that is both elaborate and detailed, one can clearly see the care he puts into location, lighting and costumes for each image. As a way to pay homage and respect to a fellow Spanish artist, Pablo Piacsso, Recuenco has created a series of photographs using models to emulate poses from some of the Spanish master’s works.

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Mágoz: Bold Characters in a Colorful World


Mágoz hails from a small village outside of Barcelona, Spain. His especially balanced compositions are rendered with large spans of color, intentionally left amorphous where it is not altogether necessary.

Visual Bits #351 > A World Full Of Murals

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