Amazing Shortlist for Sony Photography Awards


The shortlist is in for the 2012 Sony Photography awards. There were 122,000 entries submitted to the World Photography Organization from photographers in 170 countries. Since the deadline on January 4th, it was just over a month until the shortlist was revealed. With subjects such as travel, nature and wildlife, sport and current affairs, the competition is one of the most prestigious in the world.

A Glossy Mirror World: Chicago

Looking like an accidentally cut scene from the film Inception, this experimental video uses a simple mirror filter technique to leave the windy city of Chicago looking graceful and glossy, a dream world of water and sky.

Filmed from a moving car by flickr user cshimala (aka Craig), the one effect was added using Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio 3D, with black flickering being the windshield wipers clearing snow. The particularly perfect music is the track Liquid Summer by Diamond Messages.