Designer Drugs: As American As Apple Pie


“I can’t wait till I grow up, get married, have two kids, spend more money than I make, take xanax, and tell everyone how happy I am 😉 ” is the message that greets you as you enter Desire Obtain Cherish’s online art gallery and his works reveal a similar theme. The LA-based artist mocks middle class values in this collection of UV cast resin sculptures called designer drugs. In today’s society, we are taught that merchandise will fill every void, but the more we get, the more we want and to try to keep up is a surefire way to constantly be disappointed. That’s where pharmaceuticals come into play. If the things you’re buying aren’t making you happy, take this pill and keep buying more.

Big Picture, Big Caption: News Pics Irreverently Remixed

You know all those incredible, world changing photos over at’s The Big Picture? These are the photos that routinely capture major events in the world, bringing them big and bold before our eyes and enlightening us to the triumphs and tragedies of the human saga. Captured by talented photographers around the globe, each unique image speaks to our hearts and motivates us to take a larger view of the world.

Futuristic Fantasy Advertisements

While flipping through a magazine, it’s fairly common to be drawn in to the advertisements more than the articles themselves. A lot of time and money is spent plotting the best way to lure readers into the trap and present them with something they can’t live without. Los Angeles based artist Alex Gross was intrigued by this idea, since he considers fashion advertising to be “some of the most beautiful imagery around, much more than most fine art.”