The Feminine Side of American Football

Football is never usually thought of as a feminine sport, quite the opposite in fact. But German artist Asja Jung has taken these manly athletes and added colorful femininity to their form. With colorful swirls and designs, she tries to show the players as a whole person, not just a rough exterior. Based in NYC, Jung is primarily an artist, with some tour guide and modeling gigs on the side. Her works have been on display in the VIP section of the Jets Stadium and in the National Art Museum of Sports!

In Transit: The Daily Sketches From A Traveler’s Commute

What better way to practice your illustration skills than to sketch what’s right in front of you? Singapore-based artist Cherngzhi Lian does just that, then takes a photo to commemorate the reality of his sketches. From the passengers on his flights and public transportation to the natural landscapes, coffee shops, and restaurants, he gives us a glimpse into his everyday life as well as his travels. He is in the process of publishing a book called “In-Transit” which will be a compilation of his travel and commute drawings. Lian is an adjunct professor in the Film Media Studies department at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore.

Tokyo Artist “Speed Sketches” the People Around Him

When not doing commercial based work, Tokyo artist Hama-House spends his time chilling in cafes and parks. There he does “speed sketches” to improve his drawing abilities, capturing the unsuspecting subjects around him as they stare at their laptop, chit chat with friends or take a short snooze. Thankfully, Hama-House is there to quickly document the action.

Creativity Overload: Everyday Objects Re-imagined by Victor Nunes

There is more to most things than meets the eye and Victor Nunes is very good at discovering these things. Given any object, from foil pill packaging to pencil shavings, Nunes can come up with numerous new ways to transform them into something new. Combining simple sketches with 3d objects like food, matches, and scissors, inanimate pieces come to life. Nunes comes up with new quirky collections regularly, so follow him on Facebook for some daily creative inspiration.

Visual Bits #404 > Face Your Fears: Illustrations

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We Love Friday! – Illustrate Your World


“I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever.” ― Beatrix Potter Although my drawing skills have yet to surpass the average 12 year old’s, I am constantly amazed by the talented artists I see everywhere I go. Drawing is such an incredible way to express things that words can not explain and to share your perspective with others. We searched Instagram for illustrations and found some amazingly talented artists from all over the world. Here are our top picks!

More 3D Illustrations Jump Out of the Sketchbook


Back in June we featured some amazing 3d sketches by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki and now we are stoked that there are some new ones to share. Hideyuki has also created some videos showing the 2 dimensionality of the sketches when viewed at different angles. This batch is a little more colorful than the last, yet equally impressive. Hideyuki has really mastered this technique and inspired other artists to bring their sketches to life. See more of his works on Facebook and deviantART.

Seriously Cool Refrigerator Art

2  Fridge Art by Charlie Layton

I wish I could have a T-shirt of every one of these rad designs by Charlie Layton. On his Tumblr, Freezer Friday, he spoils us with a new, brilliant image that he sketches on his trusty Kenmore icebox with a “pterrific” pterodactyl magnet. In just 25 minutes, the Philadelphia based freelance designer transforms his refrigerator into art. The fridge and freezer have a dry erase surface and with his black expo markers and clever mind he brings a little life to his kitchen. I’m obsessed with the lead here: Bob Ross painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of a penis. Why has this never been done before?

Visual Bits #248> Illustrating Great Heights

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Complex Financial Concepts in Simple Sketches

We all hope that life’s difficult experiences will bring us wisdom. Financial planner, sketch artist, and now author, Carl Richards shares his own personal financial experiences to help others make more thoughtful and informed financial decisions