Tokyo Artist “Speed Sketches” the People Around Him

When not doing commercial based work, Tokyo artist Hama-House spends his time chilling in cafes and parks. There he does “speed sketches” to improve his drawing abilities, capturing the unsuspecting subjects around him as they stare at their laptop, chit chat with friends or take a short snooze. Thankfully, Hama-House is there to quickly document the action.

13 Year Old Hypothesizes What Redditors Look Like


Ah, Reddit. An open playground to share awesome internet treasures, express your deepest thoughts, retell your most hilarious stories, showcase your talents, and sharpen your wit- all under a blanket of anonymity. There really is something for everyone and if you prefer the lurking approach (like me) it’s a place to be entertained by all of the above, dipping your feet in the water, until you reach that point where you’re ready to dive in and contribute to the community. One young redditor, Dylynpicklez took a peak behind Reddit’s curtain of anonymity with an offer that we found quite intriguing. We discovered her post in the ICanDrawThat subreddit. The aspiring artist wanted to challenge herself to draw people that she had no way of looking at based solely on on their descriptions of themselves. She invited redditors to write her a description and she actually delivered 32 portraits!

Illustrations Travel Back to New York’s Gilded Age

The so called Gilded Age in American history, was one of enormous industrial, urban and agricultural growth… one which saw a previously sleepy nation step forth as a major player on the world stage. The name for the era, coined by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner in their book The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today (1873), made reference to the process of coating cheap metal in a thin layer of gold… effectively making something cheap look more desirable. The term was a humorous jab at an era where many people complained of wildly ostentatious displays of wealth, crass manners, political corruption, and often shoddy ethics. But, for all its shortcomings it was an extremely exciting time, and artist Eric Rosner knows it.

Star Wars Characters as Fashionable Hipsters

The world of high fashion gets a geek culture overhaul thanks to Hong Kong-based illustrator and designer John Woo, and is titled He Wears ItDesign sketches are an imperative part of the fashion process and a home for the ideas swirling about in the artists head. The sketch book is a window into the inner workings of an artists mind. A place where ideas are etched furiously into the sketch book so the artist doesn’t miss a single flash of brilliance. They’re also a place of painstaking detail, where hours of meticulous work is jotted down purposefully. What comes out of these sessions are a finalized product that – when designed well – can truly be called a vision.