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Punchy, Paper Cut Action Silhouettes

Tuesday 10.09.2012 , Posted by

From scenes of western bar brawls to trigger-happy zombie hunters delivering headshots, the silhouette art of David Reeves covers broad-spectrum action scenes. Halifax-based artist / designer / photographer David Reeves re-creates action landscapes borrowed from movies and video games using paper, an x-acto knife, some clever lighting techniques and his trusty Cannon camera. [Read more...]


The Rainbow Girls & Silhouettes of Charmaine Olivia

Tuesday 06.12.2012 , Posted by

The paintings and illustrations of San Francisco based full-time artist and model Charmaine Olivia ooze the sex appeal and wonderment of insanely attractive female ghosts, dead long before their time. The sayings, “Was†ed You†h” and “Live Fast, Die Young” instantly come to mind when viewing her artworks. Her works focus on the high fashion beauty of her subjects, with their striking cheek bones, enormous pouty lips and transcendent eyes. She works in a variety of media to capture these images, but her favorite mediums are oil and ink. [Read more...]


Cutting Humor in Victorian Silhouettes

Friday 03.25.2011 , Posted by

Wilhelm Staehle’s hand cut silhouettes quickly reveal the underlying cleverness that their tame Victorian looks conceal. His delicate work remixes the past into a sarcastic, darkly humorous parallel universe of rock playing harpists and patriotic bear puns. You can find his prints available at

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