The Touching Voice of the Homeless Documented in “Sign of the Times”

“After a while, a few people said to me, “I’ve heard of you. You’re the guy going around buying signs. I was wondering if you were ever going to find me.”

Poverty in America is a prevalent issue evident in the ring of the Salvation Army’s bell, first-hand experiences of loved ones, and the actual struggling people who look you in the eye as you pass through an intersection. As physically obvious as the issue is, it continues to be a growing problem in America. This collection of homeless people’s signs aims to raise awareness for homelessness, this time via the Internet. Artist Andres Serrano collects people’s cardboard signs in New York City by seeking out the homeless and offering them $20 for their creation – which he then documents and has recently presented online in an interesting exhibit of struggle, humor, and honesty.

Street Signs Get Altered in Humorous Ways


In the streets of Europe are all sorts of road signs. Whether for automobiles, motorcycles, buses or pedestrians, these signs direct you where or where not to go. They set the standard of what is acceptable or not in the activity of transport. In a way, these signs, though utilized for the safety of all, can also indirectly imply a form of control. At least that is what artist Clet Abraham feels.

5 Strange Signs The Economy Is Improving

Normally when people think about the economy improving they refer back to the housing market and consumer confidence index for support on the matter. Instead of sifting through all of that coma-inducing economic data, take a second to think about these weird signs of unexpected economic recovery: men are buying new underwear, RV manufacturers are doing better, more couples are splitting up, facelifts are seeing a lift, and utilities are losing their best customers.

Vintage Signs: Yesterdays Design Left for Eyesore

What once caught our eyes and attracted us to what was being “signed and defined”, now sit by the roadside in disorder and disrepair allowing for memories of days gone by. Here are some examples of the type of design we rarely see anymore, from a time when the future looked bright and automobiles where king.