Utterly Fantastic 3D Printed Shoes by Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Others for United Nude

For Milan 2015 footwear brand United Nude enlisted the help of 5 world famous architects and designers in creating a collection of absolutely out-of-this-world shoes. Each high-altitude design was 3D printed in colored plastic on a sPro 60 from 3D Systems. Each took about 24 hours to complete.

The Long Walk: Photographer Documents the Sudanese Refugee Crisis with Hundreds of Shoes

With the vicious war in Sudan, hundreds of thousands of refugees walked hundreds of miles to escape. Leaving everything behind, feeding on roots to survive, and praying to see the next morning, these brave people have shown fortitude and resilience. Shannon Jensen traveled to a camp with over 100,000 refugees in South Sudan in attempt to bring global attention to the refugee crisis and captured shocking, heart-breaking images of the people and their abysmal living conditions. But when she reached out to get them published, no publications wanted to run her images, saying they were “refugee’d out.” So Jensen decided to think outside of the box and approach her subject with a different visual strategy to tell the story.

Shoe Fetish: Sneaker Sculptures Made From Cigarette Packs

Sneaker Sculptures by Jason Ruff 1

When you’re young, the objects you covet are often different than when you mature. For Jason Ruff it was the sporty and rebellious combination of sneakers and cigarettes. Now he’s mixed those two “unattainable objects of my youth” in an unlikely combination: sneaker sculptures made from cigarette packaging.

Famous Footwear- Literally!

1 Famous Shoes by Federico Mauro

They say you can’t really know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. Italian Art Director & Multimedia Designer Federico Mauro has made it much simpler to do that by identifying the shoes that famous people wear. Using both celebrities and the characters they play, he pinpointed the shoes most commonly associated with each in a minimalist design. From Dorothy Gale’s elegant ruby red slippers to Jeff Lebowski’s Birkenstocks and Kurt Cobain’s Converse All Stars, Mauro searched the world wide web for the perfect fit. Check your pop culture expertise by seeing how many famous names you can recall by the shoes on their feet.

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Nice Kicks: A Visual History of Nike

When it comes to footwear dominance, nobody comes closer to Nike. After more than 40 years of creating shoes designed for the athletically minded and the stylistically conscious, their shoes and their famous swoosh have been seen, envied and copied around the world. One of their many fans is Stephen Cheetham. This London based “illustrator / designer / graphic artist / whatever you want to call it” is a major sneaker / trainer fan and has thus created a series of crisp graphics showing many of Nike’s most iconic shoes from the 70’s through the 2000’s. The graphic ranges from their original Cortez running shoe in 1971, through their Considered BB of 2007.

The Future of Footwear? Wild, Printed High Heels

When it comes to the future of footwear, you might just be looking at it. Using the exoskeletons of marine invertebrates, fantasy creatures and insects as the inspiration for her appropriately named Exoskeleton collection, Janina Alleyne has 3D printed some near impossibly complex heels very deserving of the term haute couture. The many layered construction of her artistic (and questionably functional) pieces make normal shoes look positively simple in comparison: printed lacing holes, floating top-sole elements and a plethora of near impossible to mold elements highlight the fantastic, if a bit creepy shoes.

A Building Sized Animation Made With Post-Its

World famous purveyor of plastic footwear, Melissa has recently put on a good show outside the front of their ‘Galeria Melissa’ in São Paulo Brazil. Photographed step by step and performed by 25 animators in five months, the U-shaped foyer to the building was covered with about 350 thousand Post-It Notes and filmed in stop motion as part of a launch for their ‘Power of Love’ campaign. As an additional bonus, on-street observers shared more than 30,000 spontaneous messages of love on the notes.

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