Light Geometry: Shadow Cube Casts Patterns on Gallery Walls

Light and shadow play upon the walls and ceiling of the room, cast by Anila Quayyum Agha’s new large scale wooden sculpture, called Intersections. The intricately patterned wooden cube contains an interior light-source which illuminates the gallery around it with geometric forms that draw their inspiration from the intersections of culture and religion.

A Lifetime of Sculptures Play with Light and Shadow

Diet Wiegman Shadow Sculptures 1

What only look like sculptural piles of rubbish become fascinating studies in light and shadow when illuminated from just the right angle. The work of dutch artist Diet Wiegman, each sculpture is built with a precision at odds with the rough materials from which it is constructed. He uses paper, photos, glass, mirror, cardboard, clay, wood and a host of other ingredients to build just the right forms – forms which subsequently cast shadows of masterworks like Michelangelo’s David or the dancing figure of Michael Jackson.

Vintage Instructions: Hand Shadows Create Animals

It’s hard to say when making figures using the shadows of our hands started, but it probably originated on the walls of caves lit by the dancing flames of an ancient fire. Through the ages the art progressed to include animals, people and characters of all sorts, culminating in the late 19th century when French entertainer Félicien Trewey popularized the technique by making the silhouettes of famous figures.

Surreal Shadow Photography Plays with Pattern

Russian photographer and artist Alexey Bednij creates images that make one look twice. Manipulating the shadows of subjects in black and white his works create a serene yet slightly confusing image which draws the viewer in to explore the photograph and question its reality.

Origami Paper Creates Surprising Shadows

We all know that origami paper can be used to create beautiful cranes and other animals, but Kumi Yamashima is now using it to create shadow art. The artist folds the edges of the paper in such a way that when light is shone upon it from the side it looks like a human profile silhouette.

These Aren’t Photos: Hyper-Realistic City Paintings

It’s hard to believe, even on the second or third glance, but these images aren’t photographs: they are actually amazingly realistic paintings by artist Nathan Walsh. Almost everything about these large scale works serves to deceive our eye into thinking that they are images of real-life: the shadows, colors, bright spots of sunlight and reflections are nearly perfect in their realism. It’s an impressive feat of skill and patient dedication to the creation process.

Illusion Typography: Object Shadows Create Sentences

When artist Fred Eerdekens sees objects, he doesn’t just observe their form, but also the form which they can create. His highly unique sculptures use everyday objects like cereal boxes, bits of wire and even bushes, to make carefully planned and arranged forms which shadow cast sentences on the walls around them.

Light Sculptures Play With Shadow & Reflection

Over a lifetime of experimenting with glass and light, Sydney Cash has perfected the art of shadow and reflection. His “Light Sculptures” use shelves of mirrored glass to both reflect and shadow crisp patterns upon the surfaces surrounding. Check out the video of his latest work below (and the bonus video of his awesome work in the early 80’s), then swing by for the latest.