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Visual Bits #14 > Make Payable to Boba Fett

Wednesday 03.02.2011 , Posted by

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Household Junk Recycled into Artistic Portraits

Wednesday 12.08.2010 , Posted by

Taking normal household trash that would most likely be headed for the landfill, artist Zac Freeman uses a decade’s worth of collected junk to create amazingly realistic portraits. With his ‘paint’ being buttons, small toys, old film canisters, Legos and much more, he carefully arranges these small bits and bobs and applies them to wooden substrate with glue. Faces literally jump off the page with intense depth and texture, so that when seen from a distance, they smooth into an organized, lifelike whole.

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Dracorubio, 365 Days of Self-Reflection

Tuesday 10.12.2010 , Posted by

Today we bring you the stunning and prolific work of Dutch visual artist Roderique Arisiaman, better known as Dracorubio. Below he enlightens us with his reflections and insights on motivation as he progresses through his second year of taking a self-portrait every day.

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