Have You Heard About the BIRD? Gigantic Big Bird Drops Loads of Good Luck on Secret Garden Partiers


This years theme for the annual Secret Garden Party arts and music festival, which is the UK’s 4 day version of Burning Man started by Fred Fellowes, was superstition. Since it’s a well known superstition that being shat on by a bird brings good luck, Hungry Castle decided to bring lots of good luck to all the attendees with the biggest bird they could think of. When brainstorming for a large bird, there is one particular famous one who often comes to mind- therefore the studio created a large-scale Big Bird to drop loads (of luck) on the Secret Garden Partiers as they slid down a super fun slip-n-slide on a hill!

A Fanciful Frolic at The Secret Garden Party

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Fellowes at Burning Man. He is part of the London crew at one of my very favorite camps during the Black Rock desert based event (they’re located in the 3:00 plaza). So, knowing what a seriously great time we’ve had on the playa, when I found out that he started the incredible Secret Garden party in the UK I was pumped