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Are They Real? Delicate Fairy Sculptures Made from Wire

Friday 07.18.2014 , Posted by
Wire Fairies by Robin Wight 1

UK sculptor Robin Wight is creating a magical world with wire. In dramatic lighting, his spirited fairies hold dandelions as they blow away and soar through the air. They look almost real – if you believe, that is. [Read more...]


Hanging Celebrity Portraits Made From…

Tuesday 07.15.2014 , Posted by
augusto esquivel button portraits 1

Sometimes clouds look so solid you could reach out and touch them, but any attempt would reveal that they are made from tiny water droplets. The celebrity portraits of artist Augusto Esquivel are much the same, but instead of water, he uses buttons. [Read more...]


This Cumulus Accumulates: Designers Create Cloud Made From Over 53,000 Pieces of Trash

Tuesday 07.15.2014 , Posted by

New York-based architects and designers STUDIO KCA take trash to high places with their massive installation, Head in the Clouds. Assembled with 53,780 plastic jugs and bottles loosely strung together around an aluminum frame, Head in the Clouds creates a dreamy, billowing structure complete with an airy interior pavilion accommodating fifty people. [Read more...]


Animal Sculptures Disintegrating Into Thin Air

Monday 07.14.2014 , Posted by

Japanese artist Tomohiro Inaba creates sculptures that look as if they are disintegrating into the ether. In one example, we encounter a grazing deer. It’s lowered head and firmly planted front feet are perfectly represented, but moving further back on its frame, it quickly transforms into a chaotic tangle of wire… then thins to one wire… then nothing. Like many of his sculptures, this example bridges a realm between reality and abstract, while creating a vision that is at once beautiful and unnerving. [Read more...]


A Secret Sculpture Garden on Isreal’s Sea of Galilee

Tuesday 07.08.2014 , Posted by

The Sea of Galilee in Israel is world famous for stories about Jesus and his disciples from 2000 years ago. Also known as Lake Kineret, it is a beautiful part of Isreal and provides 35% of the countries potable water. On the Eastern shore of the lake, there is a large Kibbutz community that was established in 1937. It is called Ein Gev and out of the 273 existing Kibbutz communities in Israel, it is one of the most famous. [Read more...]


Gerry Judah Creates Monumental Car Sculptures for Goodwood Festival of Speed

Friday 07.04.2014 , Posted by
Gerry Judah Goodwood Sculptures 1

Each year since 1997, London-based artist and designer Gerry Judah has created a stunning centerpiece for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in southern England. His towering sculptures are monuments to the history and thrill of motor sports, and a dazzling treat for the eye. This year he’s really outdone himself. [Read more...]


Beautiful Mechanisms with One Purpose: To Hold Themselves Up

Tuesday 07.01.2014 , Posted by
Dan Grayber Cavity Mechanism 1

Dan Grayber creates beautifully mechanical sculptures with only one purpose: to hold themselves up. While that may seem like a simple task, he often builds cement weights into his pieces, challenging himself to design systems to keep them suspended inside glass domes or cases using only the forces they exert on the smooth interior walls. [Read more...]


Creating Sea-Inspired Sculptures from Beach Trash

Thursday 06.19.2014 , Posted by
trash art washed ashore 5

What do you do with 11 tons of beach debris on the Pacific coast? You make it into art! Oregon based artist and teacher Angela Haseltine Pozzi created a project called “Washed Ashore” aimed at raising awareness about plastic pollution and marine debris. Pozzi, like other members of her community in Bandon, Oregon were continually shocked at the amount of trash that would wash up on their beautiful coastlines. Inspired to take steps toward solving the problem, she rallied together concerned citizens to not just clean up the beach trash, but to create from it. [Read more...]


Meet the Tony Stark of Cardboard

Tuesday 06.17.2014 , Posted by
Cardboard Ironman Suit 1

Taiwanese student Kai-Xiang Xhong is a cardboard master. He’s been slicing up old boxes and building 3D sculptures that are strikingly realistic (well, besides being obviously made of brown cardboard). His Ironman suit is a prime example. Each detail of the fully articulated suit is reproduced faithfully, right down to the glowing chest plate… and of course, it’s completely recyclable. Beat that Tony Stark. [Read more...]


Beautifully Repeating Skeletal Sculptures

Friday 06.06.2014 , Posted by
Monika Horčicová Bone Sculptures 10

Czech artist Monika Horčicová creates sculptures using the repeating forms of the human skeleton. Far from being creepy, her works are beautifully complex studies of a familiar form, revealed through the use of unusual orientations and numbers. [Read more...]

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