Crochet Mermaids Swimming With Whale Sharks? Olek’s Beautiful Underwater Project Highlights Ocean Health

Olek, yarn bomber extraordinaire, is at it again. But this time the New York-based artist is taking her work into the depths. She recently traveled to the Caribbean for a series of underwater installations off the coast Cancun, Mexico, at Isla Mujeres.

Four Words You Don’t Often Hear Together: Abandoned Underwater Strip Club!

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club 1

Most of the time when you want to explore an abandoned building, you don’t have to don scuba gear to get a closer look… but if said building is an old strip club, things are truly getting bizarre. That seems to be the case here with a “gentleman’s” club just off – and under – the coast of Eilat, Isreal.

Underwater Sculptures on Our Oceanic Trash Problem

I’ve recently been staying in the most unusual of homes – one which some might not even consider a home at all – it’s a canal boat in London. It is a picturesque place to live, one which you can travel the countryside upon and see different things from the windows daily. It’s also cold, damp and small on a snowy winter day… unless you keep the tiny fireplace stoked well. But all these things were expected before I started this type of living. What wasn’t expected? The mass profusion of garbage that floats down the canals surrounding me. Dock for only a day in one place and your boat acts as a dam for all the refuse of the waterway… quickly surrounding your cozy home with less than welcome scenery. Later it all floats downstream into the open ocean.

Beauty Beneath the Surface of the Bahamas

Grand Bahama Scuba Diving (80 of 81)

When you end up in a place called Fish Farm, logic tells you that you are likely to see a lot of fish. Off the shore of Grand Bahama, this “fish farm” however, is not the kind that raises fish for money, instead it is a shallow scuba spot that has a ton of sea life from coral and eels, to plants and yes, fish. Because of the shallow depth, the light is perfect to get extra vivid photos of the creatures beneath the surface. Lobsters, brain coral, fan coral, butterfly fish, spotted eels (they are mean by the way), barracudas, poisonous stonefish, lionfish and more surround you in this underwater tropical paradise.

A Shipwreck Becomes An Art Gallery

When scuba diver and artist Andreas Franke took pictures of the Vandenberg shipwreck off Key West last year he thought something was lacking:

“Even though there is so much life, marine life, all over and around it, the shipwreck itself, to me, is a dead thing,” Franke said. “But I thought that if I put people on it, then there would again be life on that ship.”

That’s just what he did. Taking underwater photographs of the 522-foot vessel, Franke digitally added figures enjoying the ships underwater amenities (and adding some of his own) while bringing back a human presence. Recently with the help of other divers, he’s placed a waterproof gallery of the 12 large images along the starboard deck at a depth of 93 feet. The gallery, just a short swim through azure waters, is now available to any certified diver. For a tour of the all the works and a good look at the ship, see Franke’s site

Adventure Exposed In All Its Layers

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the better photoshop creations go together, photographer and computer artist Dave Hill has come to your rescue. Hill has put together some beautifully revealing videos featuring some of the many layers that go into his highly detailed photo manipulations. In his aptly titled “Adventure” series, plots the likes of James Bond and Indiana Jones face heros in the thick of action. For lots more, including videos expanding on his other projects, see Hill’s website: