The Kelpies: Andy Scott’s 100-Foot-Tall Steel Horses in Central Scotland

If you drive down the motorway near Grangemouth in central Scotland, you’ll see a pair of sculptures that are impossible to miss. This October, after 8 years of planning, fabrication and assembly, Scottish artist Andy Scott completed his equestrian sculpture ‘The Kelpies.’ It is the both the largest work of art in Scotland, and “the largest equine sculptures in the world.” Andy Scott calls it “Equitecture.”

How Scotland Voted, Council by Council

It’s official, the Scottish have chosen to stay with the United Kingdom after the historic vote on September 18th. Just how close was the decision? A margin of 55% voted to stay with the UK, while 45% voted for Scottish independence, with a large 85% of voters turning out. It was a decisive victory for those wanting to retain the connection to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and as this map from The Economist details, most of Scotland’s 32 councils supported the No vote.

Fabergé Fractals by Tom Beddard


Laser Physicist/Web Devolper, Dr. Tom Beddard has been working towards creating a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will allow the user to explore fractal structures in real time called Fractal Lab. At the end of last year, he released a vimeo called Surface Detail (watch below) which shows “a myriad of details in an evolving fractal landscape.” His latest project, called Fabergé Fractals features vibrant designs with incredible detail.

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Bec Wonders Invites You to “Step Inside”

Bec Wonders Step Inside 8Bec Wonders Step Inside 1

Sometimes walking into an art gallery is anything but inviting. We enter into a space often as quiet as a library (or quieter), find expensive art with little or no clue to its meaning… and all of it has a strict “no touching” policy. That’s one of the many charms behind Edinburgh based Bec Wonders’ recent exhibition – as its name perfectly expresses, viewers were invited to “Step Inside” the artwork itself.

Shetland Ponies wearing Fair Isle Cardigans

Rob McDougall 1

If there’s anything cuter than a Shetland pony, it would have to be a pair of Shetland ponies wearing fair isle cardigan sweaters! Nothing makes me want to visit Scotland more than the thought that I might actually get to meet these silly creatures, so it’s decidedly apropos that these are the images VisitScotland chose to entice travelers. Photographer Rob McDougall was commissioned by Scotland’s national tourism organization to capture ponies Fivla and Vitamin in these fashionable sweaters handmade especially for them by local knitter Doreen Brown. Just as beautiful as the now local celebrity ponies is the natural, lush scenery that surrounds them.

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Mirrored People in the Forest

Next time you find yourself walking in the forests of Scotland, look for mirrored people. Located on the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge, “Vestige” is an art installation created by Rob Mulholland. A contemporary sculptor and installation artist based in Scotland, he had originally intended for the six mirrored people (three women and three men) to be temporary. Hikers passing through the forest enjoyed the displays so much however, that it has now become a permanent art installation for all to enjoy.

Have You Ever Ridden A Bike Up A Tree?

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Have you ever ridden a bike up a tree? The likely answer to that question is no as the vast majority of humans lack the skill to pull off such a feat.  Danny Macaskill on the other hand, does it on a regular basis amongst other tricks like front flips off buildings, riding along railings next to huge drop-offs, spins over stairs and much more.  He is a humble Scotsman who grew up riding trials bikes in the small village of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.  It almost sounds like a fairytale, but growing up in a town of only 2500 people far from everything is a great setting to get a young kid to spend most of his time riding a bike

The Difference Between Great Britain, England & the United Kingdom (and a whole lot more)

Ready for a geography lesson? If you’ve ever been confused about the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England, this video by Colin Grey (@cgpgrey) will set you straight in an action packed 5 minutes. His fast talking dialog also covers the commonwealth countries, what it means to be ruled by the crown and more. It might take a few viewings, but with a little work you’ll get this complex 1000 year old system down pat.