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All Taped Up- Funny Face Photography

Thursday 12.27.2012 , Posted by

Wes Naman 1

With nothing more than a lot of scotch tape and some willing participants, Wes Naman transforms normal looking people into cartoon characters! According to edotmag, Naman got the idea for this project last year at Christmastime when his assistant Joe Godfrey used the tape from his present to bend his nose in a silly way. Godfrey was a good sport and let Naman tape up his face in crazy ways for some good laughs and photos. Now, a year later, he has an entire Scotch Tape Series that looks like plastic surgery gone horribly awry. [Read more…]


Black Forest: Tape Drawings Bring the Woods to Life

Wednesday 05.09.2012 , Posted by

Looking like highly complex digital wireframes of a forest environment, these dark and foreboding works by New York City based artist Hong Seon Jang are creatively made using common school room materials. Jang uses chalk boards as a dark opaque canvas for his work, using clear layers of tape to create his many overlapping lines. The resultant images look much like wireframe models before surface textures have been rendered. [Read more…]


Shocking Tape Sculptures Sprinkled Around the World

Monday 02.13.2012 , Posted by

As technology continues to advance and smart phones are more accessible than ever before, people are beginning to become disconnected from their surroundings. People no longer stop to say hello to strangers because they can be connected to their closest friends instantly in the palms of their hands. Mark Jenkins, an American street installation artist, tries to counteract this detachedness by shocking people into noticing the environment around them. [Read more…]