Beautiful Mechanisms with One Purpose: To Hold Themselves Up

Dan Grayber creates beautifully mechanical sculptures with only one purpose: to hold themselves up. While that may seem like a simple task, he often builds cement weights into his pieces, challenging himself to design systems to keep them suspended inside glass domes or cases using only the forces they exert on the smooth interior walls.

The Wonderfully Designed Offices of Dropbox in San Francisco

In the midst of thousands of companies in the city of San Francisco, some particularly stand out with their workspace design – and Dropbox is definitely one of them. When the cloud-computing provider moved offices from the financial district to the SoMA district last year, they hired interior design firm Geremia Design to create something wonderful for their current 350 employees. In collaboration with architecture firm Boor Bridges, the team went to work.

Interview: 1000 Impossible Sketches from Nigel Sussman

Nigel Sussman sketchbook 9

Nigel Sussman has a passion for sketching, so much so that his online collection of work just spilled over to 1000 sketches – and if you figure he’s been doing this since 2008, that’s nearly a sketch a day for 4.5 years! We fell in love with this San Francisco-based illustrator, painter and muralist’s uniquely whimsical style of illustration, often featuring complex and impractical machines. He’s created an “Automated cat entertainment machine (A must-have for the neglected/pampered feline),” an ever important and practical “perpetual coffee machine,” and perhaps the very best, a “cool armored robo sushi cat.”

While plenty of people attempt (and fail) a 365 day art project, Nigel has been doing these sketches almost daily for over 4.5 years, always on the same identical 7 × 10″ wire-bound sketchbook. We caught up with him to see what keeps him sketching, how he finds inspiration, and what he’s learned over the span of such consistent fun.

14,000 Square Foot warehouse becomes “FreeSpace” in San Francisco

FreeSpace 5

San Francisco has always been a city that has attracted the hearts of pioneers and the dreamers. From the Gold Rush to the tech booms, brilliant minds have floated to the “city by the bay.” In recent years though, it has become so popular with people that many of the older art districts that existed have become gentrified, apartments are hard to come by and it was recently named the most expensive city in the United States to live in, surpassing New York City.

Yet, with all the developments and excitements revolving around the city, there are still a good many creative spirits and innovation is sipped everyday on the streets. Mike Zuckerman, who is the director of sustainability for the Zen Compound, was able to secure a $1 month long lease on a 14,000 square foot warehouse in the middle of the city. The purpose of the lease is to have a month long experiment in civic hacking and bring anyone in the community of San Francisco together to participate in what is called “Freespace.”

There’s Always Room for a Jell-o Model of San Fran

liz-hickok1 (1)

We’ve all seen jell-o jigglers in the form of letters, Easter eggs, dinosaurs, and more, but an artist by the name of Liz Hickok uses the colorful substance to create entire miniature cities! The transparent, tasty buildings are lit from beneath to show their gelatinous nature. Since the edible sculptures only last for a little while, photographs and video are the only lasting memory of each installation. For this model of San Francisco, Hickok even showed a model Earthquake on “Telegraph Hill”.

Bay Bridge Gets an Animated LED Light Display

The Bay Lights Leo Villareal 1

In the California Bay area, one bridge has always outshone the rest: the Golden Gate. With its signature red color and prime location at the entrance to the bay, it’s hard to imagine any of the other bridges in the area outshining it… that is until now. The Bay Lights project promises to change the face of another massive bridge in the area, the Bay Bridge, giving one side a massive 25,000 LED light makeover.

Mike Giant: Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder

San Francisco based artist Mike Giant has been a fixture in the graffiti, skateboarding, tattoo and illustration scene for years. This past Friday, July 20th, he had his first solo show at the FFDG Gallery entitled “Confessions of an Old Dirty Skateboarder.” The show featured a wide assemblage of recent drawings and a rare opportunity to view the personal collection of skateboards he’s illustrated over the years. Black ink is his specialty, and his signature style inspired by Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration is unmistakeable. When you’ve seen a Mike Giant piece for the first time, you’ll be able to spot his artwork from across a crowded room.

Forget Ice Cream: Here Comes a Pizza Truck!

Mobile kitchens are hot right now… and this might be one of the tastiest, and hottest renditions yet. Native New Yorker, Jon Darsky, has created a delicious, savory and filling pizzeria on wheels… a Freighliner M2 truck to be exact. The large diesel carries a transatlantic shipping container on its back, modified with glass windows to display its gorgeous designer interior, including a massive 5,000-lb Stefano Ferrara wood-fired brick oven.

Travel Like a Local: San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secrets

Seeing the majority of a city through a camera lens, hanging out at the busiest tourist spots, and wearing tan shorts with black socks isn’t the way everyone wants to travel and experience new cities. Some people hate the idea of sticking out like a sore thumb when they’re on vacation, and will go to great lengths to make sure they fit in with their surroundings. San Francisco is one of the best cities in California, and there’s so much more to enjoy than the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf.

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