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A Robot Searches for His Creator in This Beautiful and Desolate Film

Saturday 12.27.2014 , Posted by
we were not meant for this world

In the sand dune covered lands outside his city, a robot searches for his creator. “We Were Not Made For This World,” is a beautiful and haunting film directed by Colin West McDonald and based on a story of the same name by award-winning cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier. This film is striking in its reliance upon a strong narrative, allowing the deep, soothing voice of Mark “Big Poppa” Stampley to carry the film to its conclusion. Beautifully done. [Read more…]


Harvard Students Create a Printable Self-Assembling Lamp

Monday 06.09.2014 , Posted by

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you might remember the Spielberg produced movie *Batteries Not Included. The imaginative film featured tiny, spaceship-like mechanical life-forms that could reproduce (and help rebuild decrepit apartment buildings). Now, it finally seems the age of self-assembling machines is upon us… or at least self-assembling lamps. [Read more…]


Robots and Donuts Join Forces

Saturday 04.20.2013 , Posted by

arthur trippy 1

Eric Joyner has made a name for himself over the past few years with his signature Robot and Donuts series of paintings. In his works, he depicts retro robots exploring and participating in a variety of activities… but somewhere in the painting donuts are incorporated. So, why Robots and Donuts? In his interview with Electix, Eric says: [Read more…]


Welcome to the Robot Restaurant in China

Monday 02.11.2013 , Posted by


In another new chapter of artificial intelligences comes the restaurant that is served by robots. In the town of Harbin, China, there are robots that welcome, cook, serve and sing for the guests while they dine on the cuisine. Meals such as noodles, french fries, dumplings and rice dishes are served at the establishment. [Read more…]


Amazing New Book Scanner Reads 250 Pages/Minute

Sunday 12.16.2012 , Posted by

Real time Recognition 3

As libraries around the world are moving towards the future and digitizing their collections, this has been no easy task. The fastest scanning method up until now involved cutting books up to feed them through a quick scanner, which seems blasphemous to do to rare editions, but the alternative of manually scanning each page would be far too tedious. But low and behold BFS-Auto, a robotic book scanner that can digitize books at the rate of over 250 pages/minute without damaging the book in any way! [Read more…]


Visual Bits #234> It’s As Simple As A-B-C

Sunday 07.15.2012 , Posted by

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The Robot With a Human Structure

Thursday 04.05.2012 , Posted by

The field of robotics is exploding with new innovation, from the recent hydrogen powered jellyfish robot to a jumping sand flea, but what happened to the idea of creating humanoid robots that look, act, and move like us? Besides a few shining examples of good design, most humanoid robots have been decidedly lacking in realistic human-like movement, placing them a bit at odds with a world designed around humans and making them far less familiar for us to interact with. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #35 > No Helvetica For You

Monday 04.04.2011 , Posted by

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Archetype Times Table: A Grid of Wild Characters

Thursday 03.03.2011 , Posted by

Dying to see a zombie T-Rex? Itching to see what Abe Lincoln would look like as a caveman? Look no further than Jacob Borshard’s silly comics. Using a cross section of popular archetypes he created a grid where all characters get crossed with each other, making for unusual and entertaining genetic results. We’d love to see more comics or hear some of Jacob’s sweet ukulele music, but he’s currently “taking a break from pretty much everything” so he can build his own Batmobile.

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