Road Trip! Randy Olson Calculated The Optimal Trip to U.S. Landmarks in 48 States

Remember that viral story about the most efficient way to find Waldo? Well, Randy Olson is back with something that could save you more than time hunting for the right guy wearing red and white stripes – this one will save you fuel. With the help of Tracy Staedter from Discovery News, he’s created an interesting exercise in efficient road tripping, charting the optimal route around the 48 contiguous U.S. states stopping at national landmarks all along the way.

Visual Bits #402 > In The Eyes Of A Photographer

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Documenting Love & Adventures

Sometimes with our ambitions we forget to stop and smell the roses. You may not know but Jessica Czeck and I drove 15,000 miles in 6 months around the USA in the Visual News Van (see the image of the van at the bottom of the post). On this trip we met many artists and people of all different walks. I learned so much about myself that I never thought I could. Jessica expanded my mind beyond what I could even think was there. She has been so patient with me and I would have never thought I deserved to be loved so much.