Abandoned Market Hides A Stained Glass Wonderland

You’ll find a full spectrum of hues in this wondrous market-turned-greenhouse. Located in Toluca, Mexico, this majestic Art Nouveau-style building was originally built in 1910 and housed the city’s first market. When the market closed in 1975, local artist Leopoldo Flores imagined a vibrant, verdant future for the historic site. 

A Magical Hand-Built Cabin of Re-Purposed Windows for $500

Glass cabin Nick Olson Lilah Horwitz 1

For some creative people, there’s no better way for finding inspiration than getting away from it all and taking in a good view. This small cabin is the perfect location… and inspiration in and of itself. Hand-built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz, the charming little structure was built with a front wall of old, repurposed windows in varying sizes and when completed cost an amazingly low $500 (plus a LOT of scrounging).

Temporary Hexa Structures Made from Old Pallets

Hexa Structures 9Hexa Structures 8

Michael Lefeber and BC Studies has recently created some impressively fun temporary structures made from completely reused and reusable materials. If you’re a fan of geometric forms, their Hexa Structures are really going to make you feel at home. Each is made from standardized elements, from scaffolding components as the load carrying structure, to discarded wooden pallets as everything from the load bearing floor, to the roof and decorative wall panels. You could easily create a large pile of junk with those materials, but this crew has made something both easily built and attractive.

Would You Eat a Sandwich in a London Urinal?

Attendant sandwich bar 4

As the Brits would say, we’re not “taking the piss” when we say this London sandwich bar/cafe is situated in a Victorian urinal. Called Attendant, the narrow subterranean place is located just south of Regents Park and somewhat hidden below an ornate wrought iron entrance gate. The urinal, which was abandoned for over 50 years, was remodeled by partners Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russell for a respectable $150,000. Besides knocking out one wall, the duo report that the main project was a very thorough cleaning.

Playing Real-Life Tetris With Discarded Objects

Michael Johansson Real-life Tetris 1

Michael Johansson often thinks of his work as real-life Tetris. He works with discarded objects collected methodically from yard sales, flea markets… wherever people are getting rid of their “junk.” It’s the kind of work a hoarder might build if they arranged their object obsessed lives in productive, color and shape coordinated fashion.

Visual Bits #244> Recycle, Renew, Reuse

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Does Wood Have an Expiration Date?


The answer to the question above is for most a resounding “NO”… but for the US’s bloated medical industry, this is not the case. Many products that have no logical explanation for an expiration date, including wooden tongue depressors, are thrown away every year. Often these products are in dire need in other countries… so it is no wonder why our country has the highest cost per patient for healthcare of any country in the world.  The unfortunate truth is that it is illegal here to repurpose medical products, even if they have not been used. Worse yet, these products end up in landfills only polluting the world more. Now, an organization called MedWish has set out to find a solution to this problem

Book Cover Paintings Re-Use Waste

Sometimes reusing objects, with their worn texture and embodied history, is far more interesting than using something new. Los Angles artist Mike Stilkey knows this. He uses tall stacks of old, discarded hardcover books for his canvas, painting figures reminicent of Weimar-era German expressionism. Not sticking to pure vertical space, Stilkey’s newer pieces often cascade onto the floor, moving out into the room, transforming the whole room.

For more on his work, check out mikestilkey.com and be sure to see the video of his artistic process at the bottom of this page.