Retro Love for Motorcycles, Cars, Girls and Guitars

Gianmarco Magnani Illustrations 1

If you’re a fan of retro cool style you’re going to love the work of Gianmarco Magnani (aka Silence Television). This spanish illustrator has a knack for creating seriously crisp work that ranges from a distopian punk aesthetic to happy mod chic… and he does it all by harnessing the power of vintage motorcycles, the seduction of stylish girls, and the ear popping tunes of flying-V guitars.

Visual Bits #320 > A Vintage Collection

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Satoshi Hashimoto Illustrates a Retro/Modern World

Yokohama based Satoshi Hashimoto is kicking it old-school cool. This Japanese illustrator has the touch of a mid-century master, creating a world of goatee sporting beatniks and cocktail swizzling cool guys brought up to the modern age. His figures, which feature in plenty of modern periodicals, are surrounded by the technological signs of our modern world: laptops, rooftop gardens and DJ turntables place these images decisively in the 21st century.

Visual Bits #300 > Kickin’ It Old School

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Way Tubular 80s Mobile Phone Commercial… Psych!

As crowds of people rush to get the new iPhone 5, we thought it would be fun to remind you just how far cell phone technology has come. In this hilarious Radio Shack commercial from 1989, you can see that mobile phones weren’t always so sleek. Watch as these hip people from the 80s lug their lunch box sized receivers to the office, the beach, Cub Scouts camping trips, and even out on a boat.

Chicks & Wheels with Vintage Cool

Just the subject of cars and pin-up girls has a retro flare to it… add the distinctly old school stylings of Florence Italy based designer Simone Massoni, and you have one tasty morsel of sexy vintage wheels. His series Chicks & Wheels features just that, fantasy women with fantasy cars, done up in a style somewhat reminiscent of the swinging illustration king of lead sleds and cocktail hour, Shag.

Stairway to Heaven: 3D Printing Fisher-Price Records

For kids who grew up in the 70s and 80s, there’s a very good chance your first music player was none other than the Fisher-Price Record Player. That vintage, jangly sound has a special spot in many of our hearts as it played such hit songs as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Humpty Dumpty and, don’t forget London Bridge.

Retro Collage Done the Old Fashioned Way

When it comes to retro collage, these examples by artist Muharrem Çetin really stand out from the crowd…. and, unlike much imagery you’ll find today, he uses no computer editing to create his highly detailed works. Each beautiful piece features classically themed subjects; from a portrait of Darwin and anatomical drawings of skulls (there are plenty), to abstract typographical messages and technological advances of the early 20th century. Çetin manages to create images which draw us in to explore their deeper hidden meanings; images which seem to peak out at us from just below the surface of his skillfully cut paper.

Visual Bits #235> A Little Retro, A Little Vintage

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Visual Bits #223> The Future Is Near

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