Old Salt Mine in Romania Turned Into an Amusement Park

Salina Turda is a modern day Cave of Wonders. Except instead of being filled with glitter and gold, the cave is home to a much saltier history.

A Magical Hand-Built Cabin of Re-Purposed Windows for $500

Glass cabin Nick Olson Lilah Horwitz 1

For some creative people, there’s no better way for finding inspiration than getting away from it all and taking in a good view. This small cabin is the perfect location… and inspiration in and of itself. Hand-built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz, the charming little structure was built with a front wall of old, repurposed windows in varying sizes and when completed cost an amazingly low $500 (plus a LOT of scrounging).

Sculptures and Tree Wraps Created From Thousands of Clothespins

1 gerry stecca

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when there were no clothes dryers and people used the sun’s energy to dry their washed clothing. Now dryers account for almost 6 percent of energy consumption in the U.S., releasing up to a ton of CO2 into the environment per household each year and in some states it’s illegal to hang your clothes outside to dry! (Time) In 2007, the last factory manufacturing clothespins in the United States was closed. They could not compete with the ever growing Chinese market. To bring awareness to these issues, artist Gerry Stecca creates magnificent sculptures out of clothespins.

Yesteryear’s Celebs Carved into Recycled Cardboard

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 2

Giles Oldershaw has been creating some seriously interesting portraiture, often ispired by the subjects themseves. In one case he used a old bag to re-create a model’s “craggy baggy face” and in another case used a baked potato! In the last year he’s really been pushing his creativity, this time using everyday cardboard to create impressive portraits of yesteryear’s celebs – from Marlon Brando to Marilyn Monroe.

Monster Makeovers On Vintage Paintings

Serene Bacigalupi 1

Seeing our post on McMahon’s monster re-mixes on discarded paintings last week, a reader H_Lenn left a comment that her friend has also been doing this same thing for years. We headed over to her site LeroysPlace.com and laughed hysterically at the imaginative unicorns, monsters, and tigercorns taking over vintage paintings that no longer had homes. From penguins with ray guns shooting a sharktopus, a monster grimacing at the bubbles of his flatulence as he bathes in a pond, to Jesus with his flock of bulging eyed unicorns, you’re bound to find something that belongs on your wall. Leroy’s Place is the art business of Oklahoma-native Serene Bacigalupi who now lives and works in NYC.

Hollowed Out TV Sets Become Miniature Worlds

1 Zhang Xiangxi TV

Have you ever wondered what will happen to all the cathode ray tube televisions now that most people have switched to flatscreens? Chinese artist Zhang Xiangxi has re-purposed a few of them into a diorama like record of some of the rooms from his life- his old workspace in Guangzhou, the workers’ dormitory he once lived in, his parent’s sitting room, and the interior of a train carriage. He even created his “dream home.” He hollows out the old televisions, then intricately sculpts miniature furniture, wall art, and yes-even televisions! He doesn’t try to make perfect little dollhouse worlds, he includes all of the clutter that a real room would have.