Star Wars Uncut: A Crowdsourced Sequel

Star Wars Uncut

If you’re a die hard Star Wars fan, then you’ve probably heard of- or possibly even participated in- the 2010 Emmy winning crowdsourced project Star Wars Uncut:A New Hope. Created by Casey Pugh, who also created the Vimeo player that we love so dearly, Star Wars Uncut is a collective remake of Star Wars IV: A New Hope by over thousands of fans from more than 30 countries. Casey Pugh divided the movie into 15 second clips and allowed fans to reserve a scene to re-enact. The project went viral and within a month all of the scenes were taken and once submitted, it was time for Bryan Pugh and Aaron Valdez to stitch it all together.

Visual Bits #316 > Magnificent Marvel Mash-Ups

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