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A Maldives Beach Awash With Bioluminescent Phytoplankton

Sunday 02.02.2014 , Posted by
1  Life Aquatic

Nature produces some of the most beautiful sights in the world. A dark summer night lit up by fireflies, the majestic beauty of a Redwood Tree forrest, ocean waves crashing on a sunny beach. Even more breathtaking than an ocean on a sunny day, is the night time phenomenon of bioluminescent phytoplankton, also known as sea sparkle. [Read more...]


‘BAMF’ Grandma Celebrates Her 103rd Birthday with a Tattoo, Does Reddit AMA

Friday 12.27.2013 , Posted by
BAMF 103 Year old grandma gets tattoo 1

Well, it’s official: 103-year-old Evelyn Kottman, dubbed a “Bad Ass Mother Figure” by Reddit, has completely captured the hearts of the Internet. She just celebrated her birthday by hitting the tables at the casino, having an all-you-can-eat meal of crab and finished it off by getting her first tattoo – a small heart on her right shoulder. Now that IS one bad ass mother figure! [Read more...]


Skull Pyrography: Peter Deligdisch Decorates Animal Skulls with a Wood Burner

Tuesday 11.26.2013 , Posted by

Peter Deligdisch Skull Pyrography 1

If his extensive Youtube channel is any indication, Peter Deligdisch has a major obsession with doodling using a wood burner. He’s used pyrography to etch his intricate designs into everything from wood rounds and phone cases, to skateboard decks and gun stocks. So, is it really surprising that when he found an old deer skull near his house, it had to go under the burner too? Deligdisch says he had to wear a protective glove, and turn his tool up all the way until the tip glowed red, in order to properly etch into the bone – and he even said it smelled really strange – but the results are remarkably beautiful. [Read more...]


Two Brothers Re-Create Their Mother’s Favorite Pictures of Them…20 Years Later!

Saturday 11.16.2013 , Posted by

16 Two Brothers Recreated 20 Childhood Photos

All mothers love thoughtful, sentimental gifts and these 2 brothers delivered! They dug up some of their mother’s favorite photos of them when they were young and tried to reproduce them, a little more awkwardly, as grown men! Now 29 and 26, they dressed as similarly as possible to their childhood outfits and traveled to the same landmarks for a photo shoot that looks like a lot of fun. One of the brothers, olias32, submitted the pics to Reddit. [Read more...]


Your Favorite Films in 40 Seconds: A Revolutionary New Sub-Reddit

Wednesday 11.13.2013 , Posted by

The Big Lebowski

If you love GIFs and you love movies, get ready to have your mind blown. Some GIF masters on Reddit have squeezed feature length films into 40 second versions in super-speed, somehow still capturing all of the key scenes. The 40-second flicks now have a home in the sub-reddit r/FullMovieGifs where you can see them all and upvote or comment on your favorite ones. [Read more...]


Bizarre and Hilarious Animal Mashups

Friday 05.31.2013 , Posted by


Is it a Killer Penguin? A Pengorca? Whatever you want to call it, the hybrid animal above is convincing enough to elicit more than one close look. The work of Reddit user Arne Olav, each of these hilarious animal combinations harkens back to legends like the centaur, the hippocamp or the Chimera (an imaginative Greek animal combining a lion, snake, and goat). With “Chimera” being such an excellent example of animal combining, the word is now used to describing these imaginative mashups. [Read more...]


Styro-Art Masterpiece Found At Auto Shop

Saturday 05.11.2013 , Posted by

1 styrofoam cup art

What do you do while you’re waiting for your car to be serviced? Read a magazine? Play games on your phone? Call somebody? One anonymous man just doodled on a styrofoam cup with a ballpoint pen, but by the looks of it, this is not the first time he has done something like this. Covered in chain links, designs, cartoon characters, and words in negative, it’s mind-boggling how he got his hand into the inside of the cup to draw with this much detail. He left the impressive cup behind with important messages for all those who see it, which thanks to redditor SquishyMcPhee is now close to a million people. [Read more...]


13 Year Old Hypothesizes What Redditors Look Like

Friday 01.25.2013 , Posted by


Ah, Reddit. An open playground to share awesome internet treasures, express your deepest thoughts, retell your most hilarious stories, showcase your talents, and sharpen your wit- all under a blanket of anonymity. There really is something for everyone and if you prefer the lurking approach (like me) it’s a place to be entertained by all of the above, dipping your feet in the water, until you reach that point where you’re ready to dive in and contribute to the community. One young redditor, Dylynpicklez took a peak behind Reddit’s curtain of anonymity with an offer that we found quite intriguing. We discovered her post in the ICanDrawThat subreddit. The aspiring artist wanted to challenge herself to draw people that she had no way of looking at based solely on on their descriptions of themselves. She invited redditors to write her a description and she actually delivered 32 portraits! [Read more...]


I Am Arnold: Visuals from the Governator’s AMA

Thursday 01.17.2013 , Posted by


On January 15th, 2013, the Governator — armed with nothing more than an iPad, his razor sharp wit, and the confidence that comes from being in one of the greatest movies ever made, “Twins” — stormed the Internet to take part in Reddit’s hugely popular IAmA = “I Am A” subreddit, asking users to AMA = “Ask Me Anything”. This section of the popular social news site allows users to submit themselves to the community, giving people the chance to ask them any question they’d like. Arnold’s AMA was hugely popular, garnering 35,700 up votes in the first three hours of his submission. One of the coolest aspects of his AMA is that he came armed with technology, and a willingness to draw. [Read more...]


Visualizing the Intertwined Categories on Reddit

Wednesday 12.19.2012 , Posted by

Subreddits w

The continuously growing community of Reddit, with over 3 billion page views per month, has something for everyone. But how exactly does one subreddit link to the next? In this amazing interactive visualization by Andrei Kashcha each dot represents a subreddit and each link reveals a references to other subreddits in that category’s about section. The visualization shows the magnitude of what a gigantic web the site has become and can also help you navigate the overwhelming network to find the categories right for you. [Read more...]

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