Portraits of Musicians on Old Vinyl Records, by Daniel Edlen

On the very records that hold their music, artist Daniel Edlen creates pitch perfect portraits of famous musicians. Similar to old velvet paintings, he adds the highlights to the dark surface of the vinyl, using only white acrylic paint and a rough-edged brush to dab the likenesses of greats like John Coltrane and Aretha Franklin. Each record is mounted on top of its original cover, with the round paper center peaking through to reveal the name of the artist.

Artist Ted Riederer Creates Skull Sculptures Out of Melted Vinyl Records

1 skulls made from records by ted riederer

Musician and artist Ted Riederer combines his love for art and music in this clever repurposing of vinyl records. Using a plaster skull mold, he places the vinyl on top and melts it, so that when the plaster is removed, he has a vinyl cranium, which can then be stacked into a pyramid of skulls! The series is called Primal Sound. Riederer’s artworks all share a musical theme and he has brilliantly come up with many ways to recycle phonograph records. An MFA graduate of The School of Visual Arts in NYC, the 33 year old artist has shown his work all over the U.S.A and internationally.

Recycled Records Become Vinyl Silhouettes

1 batman_silhouette_vinyl by tamás kánya

While some might cry sacrilege at the butchering of precious records, Tamás Kánya of Hungary has transformed the vinyl into silhouettes that are pretty flippin’ awesome. From Batman to Michael Jackson to Star Wars, Kánya’s vinyl figures seem to be emerging from each record on the striking yellow background. The artist is very handy with sharp tools and recycled materials; he has also created some incredible miniature airplanes out of beer cans. See more of the vinyl silhouettes and his other creations on Kánya’s deviantART and Flickr pages.

Vinyls Filled with Human Blood for Charity

The Flaming Lips have raised $25,000 for charity by selling a human blood filled version of their Heady Fwends album, but not just any blood- famous people blood! The specimens contain blood from Ke$ha, Chris Martin, Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, 2 members (Alex & Stewart) of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Erykah Badu, and many more.

Freaky Figures From Combined Album Covers

Long before the sleeve faces meme hit the internet… in fact, before the internet was even around, Christian Marclay was making hilarious collages by combining vinyl record covers. His creative arrangements take famous musicians cover imagery, from Jim Morrison and the Beastie Boys to Michael Jackson and David Bowie, and combines them nearly seamlessly with other artists to form some pretty strange figures.

Sleeve Faces: Remixing Old Record Covers

You can’t do this with your MP3’s! Clever audiophiles the world over have been taking old, beloved record sleeves featuring head shots of famous musical artists and creating the illusion that their body continues past the frame. Some of these are really well done, including clothing that closely matches artists such as David Bowie, Tom Waits, Elton John, Feddie Mercury and Lou Reed.