Splashes of Rainbow Become Unique Pictures: The Vibrant Works of Aramis Fraino

In his signature rainbow style, Venezuelan artist and graphic designer Aramis Fraino creates vibrant digital pictures. Animals seem to pop off the page from a swirling sea of color. A huge fan of The Beatles, the non-animal pictures shown here are from Fraino’s series The Beatles Art Tribute. The series comes with perfect timing as Ringo Starr just celebrated his 74th birthday earlier this month (July 7, 2014).

Extraterrestrial Planets Created With Soap Bubbles

Jason Tozer 1

We’ve seen “planets” created in the bottom of whiskey glasses by Ernie Button, cosmic creatures created out of real NASA space images by digital artist Chris Keegan, and now we bring you some more imaginary space fun with the macro photography of soap bubbles by Jason Tozer. Using a Hasselblad 503CW camera with a 135mm lens and some basic tools like detergent, glycerine, and a straw for swirling, Tozer has put his own spin a technique that Pete Turner experimented with in the early 80’s. He photographs the bubbles on a wet ring in a 2×3-meter perspex dome that allows him to adjust the lighting perfectly, so he rarely needs to digitally adjust any of his work. The results are shiny, rainbow, spheres that look like magical undiscovered planets where intelligent unicorn societies would live.

Daniel and the Amazing Technicolor Igloo: A DIY Guide

Technicolor Igloo 1

Meeting your partner’s parents can be scary. Lots of questions to make sure you’re good enough for their child, little tests to discover your weaknesses, etc. But for New Zealander Daniel Gray, his engineering expertise was put to the test with a project thoroughly thought out by his girlfriend’s mother who they were visiting in Edmonton, Canada for the holidays. The mother, Brigid Burton, did not want Dan to be bored during the visit, so she began creating colorful ice blocks made by freezing water and food coloring in recycled milk cartons long before the couple arrived. She challenged Gray to create a rainbow igloo, thinking it would be an impossible task, and in exchange she would grant him permission to marry her daughter, Kathleen Starrie.

Rainbow Installation Brightens Neoclassic Villa

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Gabriel Dawe’s astonishing rainbow thread installations and we’re hoping it won’t be the last. This time the intricate designs were spread across the stories of Villa Olmo in Como, Italy from one banister to the next. The vibrant rainbow colored thread combined with the natural lighting of the Villa created a stark contrast between old and new.

Luminous Typography Made of Prismatic Rainbows

Letters and light combine to create rainbows in motion for this beautiful typographic alphabet by Ruslan Khasanov. The graphic designer from Ekaterinburg, Russia has brilliant ideas for typography experimentation and has turned some of his best creations into vibrant videos. Looking at an alphabet hasn’t been this fun since preschool!

The Rainbow Girls & Silhouettes of Charmaine Olivia

The paintings and illustrations of San Francisco based full-time artist and model Charmaine Olivia ooze the sex appeal and wonderment of insanely attractive female ghosts, dead long before their time. The sayings, “Was†ed You†h” and “Live Fast, Die Young” instantly come to mind when viewing her artworks. Her works focus on the high fashion beauty of her subjects, with their striking cheek bones, enormous pouty lips and transcendent eyes. She works in a variety of media to capture these images, but her favorite mediums are oil and ink.