Rain Activated Street Art Brings Smiles to The People of Seattle

You can be mad that it’s raining or you can dance in the rain! The people of Seattle have grown accustomed to a lot of rain, but rather than letting it bring them down, they have a new reason to embrace the rain. Rainworks are street art stencils made by Peregrine Church that only show up when it rains. They feature positive messages and even a rainy day hopscotch game. With the sole purpose of making people smile on rainy days, Church is accomplishing his mission and creating new works often.

We Love Friday!- Rainy Days


Rain can be a beautiful thing, bringing in a nice breeze after steamy hot weather, giving life to thirsty plants, and making for some seriously romantic movie scenes- i.e. The Notebook. You can’t stop the rain, but you can choose to let it get you down or embrace it. Roger Miller said it best: “Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” Rain brings flowers and rainbows, just like adversity brings strength and the ability to have gratitude when things are going well. Rain gives us an excuse to slow down and curl up with a book or watch the storm from the safety of our homes. So let it rain- and enjoy this collection of picturesque rain photos from Instagram.

Strangers In the Rain- Photography by Danny Santos

1 people in the rain by Danny Santos

What started as a hobby after he moved to Singapore in 2008, has blossomed into a career. Danny Santos began capturing pictures of any strangers that look interesting on Orchard Road. He discovered a unique theme that got him some interesting shots. An unexpected rainstorm can change a person’s day in a snap. For some it can turn a good day sour, for others it can make them run for cover; some just laugh, realizing that getting soaked is inevitable. Bad Weather is a series that’s sure to make you smile because rain tears down the “put-together” image of people and let’s their personalities shine through. His goal is to show the pulse and beauty of Orchard Road through his candid shots of the busy street.

Ourcast: App Predicts Weather to the Minute

If you have a football game to play Saturday, it’s not too hard to find out what the forecast will look like… just head to one of the many popular weather sites or apps and you’ll see if it’s going to be a perfect day or a mud bath. But, what if that game was in 2 hours? That becomes far more challenging to predict, especially down to your specific location.

Enter Ourcast, a free app launching April 18th, which is designed to accurately predict rain and snow in real-time up to 2-hours in the future. Why just two hours? Instead of focusing on what is easy to find – predicting if it will rain today – the app helps you know if that game, run or wedding in 2 hours is going to require a rain jacket or if your kids should walk to school. It’s just the useful and timely information you need when going outside… and it’s provided by people in your own community.